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(Debut Release)
The second you listen to this recording, You can tell they mean what they say!!! New Jersey is in the fucking house! Six songs of Jersey hardstyle hardcore mixed with BioHazard-ish chants and gangsta style vocals. The look? Legitimate tough guys whose music reflect their lifestyles. Very intense and keeps getting better with every listen.

2nd Release
A Six Song Release. Boy does it stay in the heavy end pounce on each other beats. It is really some stomping music. Play this Sucker loud and you'll get the full effect. This could be a case of the right sound at the right time..Slower grinding core riffs from a nailgun....

GUTWRENCH has completed the preliminary recording of thier 3rd CD which remains untitled as of yet. Recorded at UNDERGROUND Studios in NJ with the help of BIOHAZARD it is collection of Hardstyle riffs Straigt from the mind of Guitarist Jeff Anthony. Overkill Bassist DD Verni's Studio will be completeing the mixing and some finishing touches on the CD then it is off to Mastering.



Gutwrench draws you into its musical power through strong lyrics and hard driving rhythms without exactly realizing how it happens, You become one with the music and the band.
Brian Worland on vocals, Emits rap lyrics with a smooth and fluid grace, quickly shifting into the deep guttural sounds of discontent
John (a.k.a E) on played bass with the band until his utimely demise in 2004 was absolute energy in motion "a lightning bolt unleashed on stage" Jeff Anthony
In 2005 Greg James (Formerly of Antitrust / Barrage /Reverse Peristalisis) Took the reigns as bassist and re-completed an already intense lineup. "Greg brings a lot ot the table for us. It was a tough decision to even carry on after the loss of John. His intense talent and experience is an absolute plus to GUTWRENCH as a whole" Jeff Anthony
Jeff Anthony on guitar flows out leads and rhythms with such total concentration that music and musician are fused into one fine tuned instrument...

Gutwrench being a word of mouth band, Promoted only by themselves, friends, Flyers and Radio air play. A Bands Band as they have been called by many have held that mantra for over 10 years now.
Over the Years the band has been interviewed by many fan-zines and aired on many radio stations, as a result have added new followers who request their music.
With two independant releases under their belt, having sold over 10,000 copies at venues and mail order. GUTWRENCH is featured on several world wide compilations composed of unsigned bands. This alone has given them many fans from over seas, who they keep in contact with on a regular basis.

This band contains an energy and genuine dedication so hard to find today, Combined with each of their individual talents, Creativity, and hard work. They invented a style of music they are proud of and which will etch another dimension into the world of music.

"It's a lot to take in" says bassist Greg James. The fans of GUTWRENCH are hardcore. "I have been in a lot of bands but never one with such a bretheren of folowers"
The songs on the release capture a wide array of topics. Some based solely on deep inner feelings and some more straight forward.
The Song Unslayable is dedicated to the Memory of our fallen Brother John (E) Egan whom was taken from us at an early age.
Brave is a complex display of our appreciation to those who dedicate their lives to saving others at their expense.
Darkest Day is simply a reflecton of the loss of Dime Bag. A Friend to the band and a mentor for all that is Metal.