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The New York scene has thrown up some great bands over the last few years, with a few stinky scenesters too. Thankfully Gutz fall into the first category with their hybrid mix of Bowie jamming with Cold War Kids laid back rock...Gutz introduce[s] their debut album to the masses outside the city that never sleeps...

It is on songs such as ‘Exquisite Mutt’ that Gutz excel at what they do: creating an up tempo tune which is full of sunshine, hazy nights and gyrating on the dance floor…[it’s a] party album you can easily have in either a club or in the background of a house party. It both provides singular tunes to freak-out to or a collective funk mix to carry a solitary beat for 40 minutes. Either way it will keep you moving. Gutz could well become a staple album for musicians to follow who are trying to create music from mixing instruments and crossing genres...Gutz excel at this because they follow two simple rules: they don’t overdo it and they remember that the essence of the song is the tune and focus on this first. This is a record for people who like their party music to be comfortable and laid back, with slow, grinding dances thrown down on the floor.

The R&B vocals mixed with Bowie and John Cale make for a chilled out tempo which fits in with the changes in genres that the music progresses through. Gutz will become one of the remembered bands to come out of the NY scene.

--Peter Clark - Bearded Magazine, UK

They’re from the Brooklyn/Queens area of New York and they’re dishing out a soul-drenched slice of slightly geeky goodness in the shape of this rather good ten track album...They’ve got horns and Moogs and Wurlitzers and it sounds like a set of lost gems from various parts of the 70’s (that was a compliment). Soulful hook-laden geek pop mixed up with equal amounts of John Cale, the brilliant Detroit Emeralds, just a bit of Talking Heads along with a smaller bit of Gap Band and some tightly crafted bounce….This is one cool album, crafted with love; they don’t sound like they’re trying to ape things and make a look at us aren’t
we cool fashion statement – they have made that statement, they’re clearly not trying to though, dripping with real authentic righteous soul and all delivered with an alt.rock undercurrent that’s loaded with great songs that will get in your head and more than
move your feet. Recommended.
- Organ Magazine

With a lineup of four white, seemingly nerdy guys and one black woman, Gutz rejects the current trends regarding race and gender along with rejecting categorization. Throughout their new album, "Love Gutz," the band combines soul, rockabilly and even modern jazz with funk, pop, and rock-n-roll. Their first song, "Faced With a Problem," brings Motown to Subpop with lead singer and keyboardist Daniel Lorenzo crooning in his polished yet genuine voice, while backup vocalist LaDonna Burns wails her high-range harmonies. More traditional, rock-n-roll guitar passages weave in and out of all their tunes, appropriately contrasting the funky piano melodies and syncopated percussive rhythms. Even within songs, Gutz portrays their flawless ability to change styles. Beginning with a swaying, country vibe then suddenly switching tempo for a chorus reminiscent of Clash’s poppier material is not a challenge.

Gutz also successfully experiments with a quieter, ballad-like side, only to follow it up with a heart stopping, Aretha Franklin inspired tune. Lorenzo’s soulful, David Byrne meets Jack Stripe voice combined with LaDonna’s confident, R&B style is unstoppable. And their groovin’ sound, diverse repertoire and contagious excitement breaks down stereotypes in a refreshing way.
- The Deli Magazine


EP-- "Intraducing...Gutz"
LP -- Gutz



In a small silver-industrial town in early '90s Connecticut, three friends discovered the joys of the Stranglers and the Jam. Knit closely by their appetite for local hardcore and a collectively growing lust for country and soul, they ventured West… to New York. And to their family unit, they added a like-minded transplant from rural central Pennsylvania, and the foursome began their mutual
journey… as GUTZ.

After recording their debut 3-song EP: "Intraducing… Gutz!" in January 2006, they generated some digital buzz with the video for the lead-off single "Is You a Lady?" produced by TR Films. From there, Gutz took the act to every New York City stage they could find.

Kinetic performances at legendary NYC venues such as the Knitting Factory and the Luna Lounge, and twice anchoring the well-known Lolita Party at the Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg helped Gutz garner an enthusiastic local following.

Over a year in the making, Gutz has fully captured their current artistic vision on their recently completed self-titled full-length. Injecting the same energy indicative of their live shows into the analog 8-track recordings, they furthermore utilized all of their favorite instrumentation in the eponymous debut. A 3-piece horn section and soulful backing vocalists deepen the sonic tableau, while Moog, Wurlitzer, and pipe organs frame the core rhythm, adding warmth to Gutz' tightly-crafted bounce.

The album, both recorded and mixed by Josh Clarke at The Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, NY; the mastering handled by Stefan Heger of Fisheye Studios in Köln, Germany, quickly caught the attention of art-collective-turned-record outfit BNS Sessions and a seed was planted.

Looking into the future, Gutz, with the new addition of LaDonna Burns on vocals and now on the BNS Sessions label, is turning its sights on the world: to find audiences ready to share their love of soulful hook-filled pop, and to grow together in a continuous musical exploration, always incorporating newly acquired aural exploits into their focused R&B-tinged mien.