Gutz employs unique use of the best elements of every style of music while keeping a danceable beat and never losing focus on genuine pop hooks.


In a small silver-industrial town in early '90s Connecticut, three friends discovered the joys of the Stranglers and the Jam. Knit closely by their appetite for local hardcore and a collectively growing lust for country and soul, they ventured West… to New York. And to their family unit, they added a like-minded transplant from rural central Pennsylvania, and the foursome began their mutual
journey… as GUTZ.

After recording their debut 3-song EP: "Intraducing… Gutz!" in January 2006, they generated some digital buzz with the video for the lead-off single "Is You a Lady?" produced by TR Films. From there, Gutz took the act to every New York City stage they could find.

Kinetic performances at legendary NYC venues such as the Knitting Factory and the Luna Lounge, and twice anchoring the well-known Lolita Party at the Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg helped Gutz garner an enthusiastic local following.

Over a year in the making, Gutz has fully captured their current artistic vision on their recently completed self-titled full-length. Injecting the same energy indicative of their live shows into the analog 8-track recordings, they furthermore utilized all of their favorite instrumentation in the eponymous debut. A 3-piece horn section and soulful backing vocalists deepen the sonic tableau, while Moog, Wurlitzer, and pipe organs frame the core rhythm, adding warmth to Gutz' tightly-crafted bounce.

The album, both recorded and mixed by Josh Clarke at The Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn, NY; the mastering handled by Stefan Heger of Fisheye Studios in Köln, Germany, quickly caught the attention of art-collective-turned-record outfit BNS Sessions and a seed was planted.

Looking into the future, Gutz, with the new addition of LaDonna Burns on vocals and now on the BNS Sessions label, is turning its sights on the world: to find audiences ready to share their love of soulful hook-filled pop, and to grow together in a continuous musical exploration, always incorporating newly acquired aural exploits into their focused R&B-tinged mien.


EP-- "Intraducing...Gutz"
LP -- Gutz