When you've heard it; YOU KNOW YOU'VE BEEN GUVNOR'D


Guv'Nor rose out of the ashes of a local North East band the Defendants, formed in 1999, who had made a rather unremarkable impact on the rock scene of the North East of England.

And so to summer 2002 when Guv'Nor mark II rose out of the ashes of Guv'Nor mark I. (Can you see a pattern forming??) Ex Defendants, Zammo, came in on Bass. Big Al Watts, ex Citizen Kane, took over the lead duties. With the following line up the distinctive Guv'Nor sound was born:

Stu Armstrong - Vocals
Zammo Robinson - bass
Big Al Watts - lead
Porky Stephenson - Drums

This line up first gigged at the Bear Tavern, Bearwood, Birmingham in December 2002 From that point on for the best part of the next two years Guv'Nor gigged regularly all over the North East and occasionally further a field.

The song writing continued apace and in the summer of 2003 Guv'Nor recorded the Paradise Road album at Handshake Studios in Darlington. Ten tracks were laid down covering the most popular original numbers the lads had gigged up to that point (all are available for download in the MP3 section).With hindsight the production of the album may have been a shade raw, the whole album took 5 hours to record, and a cost of £200, each track taking 2 takes, one for the back line, and one for the vocals, the remaining time used for a couple of overdubs and trying to fix the mistakes, but the songs still speak for themselves and the cd's sold well at gigs and via the website.

After a "Live" cd and an acoustic cd, a second full studio album "Peacemaker" was released in 2006. Still performing up and down the UK, depending on the venue, the band are comfortable playing a gig of covers, done the GuvNor way of course; or a full 2 hours of the bands original numbers.

Check the bands website for a few mp3's of the upcoming release "Judas".


Dont tep Into My Light

Written By: Stuart Armstrong & Simon Robinson

See me, see me, don't share my style,
creating pictures you've not heard,
hear me, hear me, watch my trial,
and find no blessing for my words,

Feel me, feel me, like they should,
I touch their hearts and make them cry,
play me, play me, all you could,
we play so hard when we get high.

Here comes the strangest in a stranger world today,
He's nearly there but oh not quite,
The devil in my head says you blow him away,
And now I'm spoiling for a fight,
Man, don't step into my light

See me, see me, I'm standing here,
and I'm alone where I am now,
Hear me, hear me, I know no fear,
I'm in the spotlight anyhow

Here comes the strangest in a stranger world today,
And he's oh so black and white,
The angel in my head asks why I feel this way,
Fuck her I'm spoiling for a fight,
Man, don't step into my light

Here comes the strangest in a stranger world today,
and he's so sure he's always right,
the demons in my head say it's time to make him pay,
they got me spoiling for a fight,
Man, don't step into my light

Teesside Son

Written By: Stuart Armstrong & Simon Robinson

I left school and only just fifteen,
dread to think what I might have been,
had a bad attitude was out of my tree
but nobody fiddled with the likes of me,
just look at what she's done to this Teeside son.

Over the border there's a girl with needs,
she's got a daughter and a habit to feed,
and every nights just another hit,
Comes back to me and says she'll quit,
but she don't fool no one I'm a Teeside son

Keep your thoughts to yourself,
and don't tell no lies,
you go live somewhere else,
Just who are you to criticise.

maybe I will maybe I won't,
maybe I'm too apathetic to vote,
she's sucked all the life from me,
I spend my days watching MTV,
and I don't hurt no one I'm a Teeside son.

Requiem (for Mick Ronson)

Written By: Stuart Armstrong & Simon Robinson

I'm sitting here I shed a tear when hearing what you play,
Where's the fun I'm overcome, such talent gone away,
with the Big C, the prophecies are reached in a hard way,
I'll be the one who lays you down and lets you play,
on the wind, on the wind.

Man you were so much that I can't take in all your vibe,
your melody has brought me here and staked me out to die,
slaughter on 10th Avenue and still you seem the same,
said goodbye when Ziggy left the Spiders
to fan the flames, and all his fame.

A whiskey here, a subtle fear, a shot of what you need,
an old has been, an in between, a crimson heart to bleed,
the Mormon book and all that took to blow it all apart,
here's everyone but no one's left to mend,
your broken heart, your broken heart.

The painted man still on his knees his lips round your guitar,
and he performs fellatio and sings of Life on Mars,
and I will say a prayer of thanks to heaven or to Hull,
and hear the dead guitar man playing............
on and on....... and on and on........

How Judas Felt

Written By: Stuart Armstrong & Simon Robinson

It doesn't matter who you are,
it doesn't matter if you drive my car,
or ride me like a motor bike,
I gotta see you baby doing what I like,
take off your clothes make my heart melt,
oh God now I know how Judas felt.

I ain't talking everlasting love,
I'm just feeling them satin gloves,
watching you peel my heart away,
nobody could say that I've misbehaved,
I'm picking up the deuces that my lady dealt,
Oh God now I know how Judas felt.

You say you're anyone I want you to be,
anybodys everyone you'll do for me,
sheer silk stockings babe you look so good,
treating me wild like a lover should,
and giving me your card with your name Miss Pelt,
You're making me feel how Judas felt.

I'm a fighter I'm a lover too,
Here I come again to love and fight with you,
don't waste time making me ashamed,
Let's get naked and do it again,
see you tuck my money in your garter belt,
Oh God now I know how Judas felt.

Old Toulouse

Written By: Stuart Armstrong & Simon Robinson

I’m losing myself searching love and you today,
Down in old Toulouse,
Through a past of lies and fear I realised you had sailed,
Across the ocean blue,
And on the quay in old Toulouse,
A fool stands alone,
And in the distance sadly views,
A ship that sailed for home.

We were just two runaways but my destiny was clear,
To paint the sea blue green,
Beneath this in between is flying close to fear,
To work the art of dreams,
Across the sea in old Toulouse,
I know it’s much to late,
Black auras and the red confuse,
Insanity wouldn't wait,

As years go by I'll paint the sea another shade,
With turquoise, greens and blue,
But as the dawn light falls the darkness fades to grey,
Your face stares through the gloom,
Coz I’m the fool in old Toulouse,
Who paints one love he’s known,
well I had my chance but I let you choose,
To ride the waves back home,
To ride them home,
from Old Toulouse,


Paradise Road - LP - 2003
As Was!(Live) - EP - 2004
Acoustic - EP - 2005
Peacemaker - LP - 2006
Judas - LP - Released Feb 18th, 2008

Set List

90 Minute Set List (2Hour & 3Hour available)
+ Total Cover Set Available (all song have been GuvNor'd)

1. The Chain (cover)
2. Welcome To The Show
3. Easy For You
4. Cover Me In Chocolate
5. Teesside Son
6. Milk and Alcohol (cover)
7. Spellbound
8. Maggies Boy
9. I’ve Been There
10. Paradise Road
11. Right Direction
12. When I’m With You
13. I Fought The Law (cover)
14. Once Bitten (cover)
15. Santorini Night
16. Sweet Thing
17. Beggin Bowl
18. Spellbound
19. Is She Really going (cover)
20. Keep On Loving
21. Little Man
22. Crazy Lover
23.Taken For A Fool
24. Feel Like Makin Luv (cover)
25. Looking Back Slowly
26. 500 Miles (cover)
27. Old Toulouse
28. Piece Of Me
29. ***(Band Intro)****
30. Remembrance Day