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She Stands Alone

Written By: Guy Betar

By Guy Betar

Verse 1 She bought the dress, she saw in the window
But there’s no-one - to wear it for
She took it home and showed it to the mirror
Then wondered - what she bought it for

Verse 2 She still carries all the shattered pieces
Of her heart that he broke long ago
Many times she tried to make it whole
But his memory stayed and she could not let go

Chorus - She stands alone – Staring out the window at the world
The face reflected shows the woman, that used to be, the girl
That used to be – The girl

Verse 3 She folds it neatly - packing it away with all her yesterdays
And tomorrows
She finds a teardrop – trying to escape it gets wiped away
Just like her sorrows

Bridge - She looks back on dreams that once seemed real
Desires and passions that she used to feel
They’re now part of what she used to be
A someone else that she no longer sees

Home Is Where You Find It

Written By: Guy Betar & Carl Scully


By Guy Betar & Carl Scully

Verse 1 Hey, how’s your day, yea not bad
Maybe, could’ve been better, but now I’m so glad
To see your smile, to rest here for a while
To feel the warmth of your loving touch, and know it’s just for me

Chorus Home is where you find it
I’m so glad I found you
Home is where you find it
Home for me – is you

Verse 2 How bout, we stay in and, forget the world tonight
Don’t care, what’s gone wrong, you make it right
To know I’m home, never alone
To see the look in your loving eyes and know it’s just for me

Bridge I don’t need walls, to keep the world at bay
I don’t need rooves for those wet and windy days
I just need you, that’s all I’ll ever need
I just need you, cause you’re all the home I need
- You’re all the home I need

You Are Part of Me

Written By: Guy Betar

By Guy Betar
Verse 1 When I looked at my life’s canvas
It seemed the artist left something out
Deep in my heart that unsettling feeling
I found it hard to shake off the doubt
But then you stepped into my life
I realised we were meant to meet
You gently filled the missing pieces
And now the picture is complete

Chorus I am part of you and you are part of me
Now I know that was how it was meant to be
From the moment I first looked into your eyes – I knew
I was part of you and you were part of me

Verse 2 At first each time I said goodnight
I thought the dream would end
That I would wake and be alone
Because then I didn’t comprehend
But now as days draw to their end
I smile to know that we won’t part
And take delight in each night we share
Together as the new day starts

Bridge There’s things I know I’ll never be
They don’t matter any more
Cause you accept me as I am
You want me – rich or poor

Spring Rain

Written By: Guy Betar