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Pull Over I Love You

Written By: Guy Dowsett

Pull over. I want to hold you.
and with this embrace say what i never told you.
What a cold man man i am in my iron suit stooped under a rock feigning sleep in case somebody knocks, still
how sold i am on you.

But it's not that easy with a twisted tongue
To say to the breeze,
what's never been out in the sun.
O how bold I am behind a fence in my proud lament with my peer group wisdom and a tattoo of a polar bear.
How cold I am on the far side of this car from you.

You know what goes to show but who knows if it shows, this burning in my toes.

The words get bent when it's time to speak.
It's the manly strength that makes me weak.
These shoulders shrug every time you sigh and turn to see I'm itching and ask what's wrong with me but how
Bold I'd become if you'd just pull over.

If you'd just pull over I would reach over.
We'd squeeze the air out from between us.
I'm trying to roll out the carpet and stick out my neck but the weight of pride yanks me back behind folded arms saying nothing.

Hmm? You were talking to me? Well funnily enough I most certainly agree.
If this government spent that money on building a system that works instead of clogging it up with brain dead clerks
how better life would be for the modern family.

O that's not what you said. You didn't mention any of that.
You were speaking of a Spanish film where the young lovers die in the end.
What an old man I am with my box-back swagger and my come forth wither and my watch-chain fingers clutching every coin.
But I'll unfold every joint if I can tell you I love you.