guy major

guy major


"A voice this sweet and sure and musically eloquent is a voice I would like to have the privilege of hearing more often" (Halifax Herald, 1998)


Guy Major was born in 1968, and grew up in both Ottawa and Halifax. He played percussion throughout junior and high school, took up guitar in 1979, and sang in the Ottawa Regional Youth Choir (under Barbara Clark). In 1988 he won a talent competition on a Swedish ferry crossing.

While studying Jazz at St Francis Xavier U., Guy played backing guitar for Stan Chapman, Kendra MacGillivray, and The Dartmouth and District Pipes and Drums. The latter collaboration gave birth to MacCrimmon's Revenge, which recorded 'The Ransom' at CBC Halifax in 1996-1997, and played many shows including Celtic Colours, Vancouver Folk Festival, Lunenburg Folk Festival (twice), Halifax Jazz Festival, and Atlantic Airwaves hosted by Natalie MacMaster (three times).

Since January 1998, Guy has been a DAW recording enthusiast, which has led to computer studies and working in the field. In 2004 he took some homemade demos to Little Bullhorn Studios in Ottawa. The result is his first solo CD to be released to college radio throughout Canada, America and Europe.

Guy has shared the stage with Coco Love Alcorn, and Damhnait Doyle, and has been seen by other artists such as The Corrs and Brad Roberts.


'Guy Major' (released February, 2005)
'MacCrimmon's Revenge, The Ransom' (released July, 1997)

Set List

My setlist is comprised of solo material. If I do covers, it's usually something by Husker Du, The Smiths or anything I admire.