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Staten Island, New York, United States | INDIE

Staten Island, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Folk


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"Reviews For Guy Michetti"

"Radio Song"
May 4, 2005

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: an unsigned singer/songwriter releases an album that should be on commercial radio across the nation. That is the story of Guy Michetti, an award-winning pop rocker whose latest record is about as FM-friendly as music gets. We live in a lazy, shallow music world, one that champions violence and negative emotions over optimism and a gentle pat on the back. Michetti’s songs are tuneful and thoughtful at the same time, refreshingly viewing love without a jaded eye (“She’s My Only One”} and unafraid of paying an old-school homage to his hometown (the post-9/11 “A New York City Life”). This is not rock & roll that’ll cause scandals or pioneer new sounds. It’s just rock & roll – and it’s rock solid.
Review by : Kyrby Raine

Review Of 'All In My Mind'

Without even hearing a note on Guy Michetti's All In My Mind album, it was easy to guess what to expect from the cover alone. Wearing shades and carrying a guitar, Michetti is no pretentious or glamorous rock star and neither is he an indie experimentalist. The cover truly says it all: a man, a guitar, and the city around him. Being used to Lou Reed's grit-stained portrayals of the East Coast, it is an enjoyable change of pace to hear "A New York City Life," Michetti's delightfully high-spirited love letter to the Big Apple. Guitars strum and ring like hummingbirds, and it feels like the late '60s again.
The production and arrangements on All In My Mind are retro without being dated, and Michetti has a friendly, pleasant voice that is perfectly suited for his storytelling. At times sentimental, at times romantic, All In My Mind is the epitome of the 'singer/songwriter' record, one that reveals what the person is thinking and feeling. Favorite tracks abound but I am leaning towards "Dianne" and "She's My Only One," with its clever opening female spoken-word bit.

Review By Franklin Richards

Review Of 'All In My Mind'

Guy Michetti joins the legion of acoustic-styled singer/songwriter types from the United States. Ever since the massive success of John Mayer, there seems to be overflow of artists hanging around the same pub. Thankfully, Michetti is quite removed from Mayer or his clones. In fact, "All In My Mind" seems to originate from an altogether different era, sometime between the mid-to-late '70s, heavily informed by Bruce Springsteen and even John Cougar Mellencamp. Despite the ode to the East Coast, "A New York City Life," this is classic heartland American rock & roll, and Michetti has the vocal punch and ringing guitars to make it sound contemporary.

The melodies are strong, and there's one slice of infectious pop after another like "She's My Only One" and "I Believe in Make Believe." I normally avoid songs named after girls because they're usually cliched; however, "Dianne" is downright pretty. In fact, there's nothing ugly at all on this record, pretty shocking for anything released in 2004.

Review By Barry Andrews

Review Of 'All In My Mind'

In a cynical, violent world, the heartwarming acoustic rock of singer/songwriter Guy Michetti seems out of place somehow - and refreshingly so. Free from post-alternative ennui, Michetti has produced a collection of gentle guitar-pop tunes with an emotionally uplifting touch.

The opening track, "A New York City Life," sets the style and tone for the rest of the record as jangly guitars and Michetti's understated vocals create an atmosphere of love and peace. To the gloom merchants among you, it may sound old-fashioned and corny; however, after a decade of hearing angry young kids scream suicidal prose in my ears, I welcome Michetti with a friendly handshake. "A New York City Life" has the hummable melodicism of the Byrds while "All In My Mind" soars with Tom Petty's finest.

And Michetti isn't afraid to stretch his creative reach, going for a Phil Spector-ish Wall of Sound on "She's My Only One" and classic country on "Who Took My Freedom Away?" Despite the album's overall feelgood appeal, Michetti doesn't shy away from social commentary like on "A Long, Long Time Ago."

"All In My Mind" is the sound of a man who has studied the greats - the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan - and passed the exam with an A plus.

Adam Harrington

These reviews were done by fellow musicians/songwriters.

Overall Review:

Very Dylanish/Pettyish, but with more edge. Lead vocal has a really nice quality and distinctive voice. Good, solid groove, and I like the loose snare drum sound. Lots of obvious influences here--Dylan, Petty, Beatles, Wallflowers. Nice storytelling Good dynamic landscape, lots of variety.The sound and feel reminded me of Bob Dylan..even the vocal a little and the type of lyrics , you know the worlds problems..GREAT LYRICS !!The acoustic and harmonica make me think of Bob Dylan. Thats not a bad thing. The lyrics seem to be in the Dylan style too. Good stuff. The mix sounds nice. You definitly have a Dylan sound. Maybe Tom Petty too.

The following reviews are for:
1) I'm Coming Home
2) Can't You See The Lonely

Reviews For: I'm Coming Home

Review 1 Subject: Rock this Country The guitar work here is superior. Right away that catchy melody caught my attention. The vocals are interesting as well. They're a cross between country and rock - a nice medium of each genres. This isn't really my type of song, but my gosh it would be a crime not to acknowledge your talent. It's catchy and fun to listen to - with a strong meaning on top of that. The performance is high energy and has quite a bit of 'live' sounding appeal. The production is totally professional - the levels sounds great. The mix itself is structured perfectyl - especially around 3:20 when you introduce those background vocals and slow it down a bit - brilliant. Fine, fine job!

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Production, Melody, Mood Special Award: Most Rocking Track

Review 2 Subject: Meloncamp meets the band that sings "Janie says,, turn o This song has a lot of enery. Sounds like a John Meloncamp influence. Kind of like rock meets country. The performance is good and the performance is nice. Mix is good too. The harmonies are great.

Extra Credit: Production Special Award: Best Feel Good Track

Review 3 Subject: Hootie's southern cousin. Nice intro. I really like the vocals and lyrics... go good guys! The lyrics don't sound at all forced like they do in a lot of story-telling songs. The guitar parts sound fresh out of the studio with Hootie & the Blowfish... actually all of the instrumentation does. Vocals are good, they sound a little twangy for the style... but it makes a unique sound. Overall good song, everyone plays well. The mix is nice... I like the break down with the organ. As far as production... only thing I would change is the guitar tone, just a little. I'd back off the reverb a tad.
Extra Credit: Lyrics

Review 4 Against my better judgement...I really like this song. i mean there is absolutely nothing new here, it is totally predictable, and yet, it has some kind of cool intangible that makes it good. Sorta like "I'm Going Down" by Springsteen. Hmmm... same chord progression now that I think of it. Oh well, it doesn't matter. Like I said, there is just something cool about this.
Extra Credit: Mood

Review 5 Classic Americana SoundsThis has all the great elements of good ol' American rawk music, from classic instrumentation (always love the Hammond) and arrangement to the lyrical subject matter and even the "sha-na-na-nas." Tight band performances and good lead vocal delivery. In all, not breaking any barriers, but a great package nonetheless.
Extra Credit: Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood

Reviews For: Can't You See The Lonely?

Review 1

It's like a bunch of great f*&#ing rock singers and bands rolled into one. This song reminds me of Bob Geldof, The Clash, Bob Dylan, The Waterboys, The Hothouse Flowers, Tom Petty, and on and on. But it doesn't sound derivative of any, just reminiscent - like you belong in their company. Who the hell are you???? I really love your voice. I'm sure this is the best vocal I've heard on Garageband (and I've heard a lot of them). The vocalist really permeates and carries this piece, so much so that I'm not thinking about any of the other parts. When I do stop to think about them, they are obviously well-played, thoughtful parts. Everything fits great. The mix, arrangement, lyrics, and production are all fantastic. Overall, this is one of the most perfect songs, in all aspects, that I've heard on Garageband. It deserves to be on the "Best Of" albums of any of the artists I mentioned at the top of this review. High marks all around! I wish you the very, very best! jc

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Production, Lyrics, Melody, MoodSpecial Award: Most Rocking Track

Review 2
Subject: Poignant...ever so poignant...
Fantastic lyrics - they really make the song stick out. I also liked the harmonica a lot. If you weren't so good at singing, it would sound like Dylan. The song also reminded me of Bruce Springsteen, but I can't put my finger on why...anyway, you might want to add some more harmonica, otherwise I don't have any constructive criticism.

Review 3 Subject: the poor, the rich.
I like the b3 organ and I like the harp. The topic is a good one....this is better than a lot of stuff i have heard on this site.

Review 4 Subjet: listen while driving
The first thing that came to my mind when I started hearing the song was the typical american road... this song must be on a soundtrack! I think the lyrics are OK, but personally, they're too explicit... I liked the idea, but I would have written them deeper myself. The mix is very good, well done. I'm not very familiar with this genre of music, so I'm afraid I can't tell you how you sound like.. (some folk-rock group)

Extra Credit: Guitars, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Beat, Mood Special Award: Best Potential Movie Soundtrack - Assorted


All In My Mind CD
Headin' For The CrossRoads CD
I'm Coming Home EP
CDS available on request



Independent Singer/Songwriter Guy Michetti hails from New York City, but because the internet reaches almost everyone, his music is being listened to by more then just the people here in New York City.

"Guy Michetti is a walking, talking American jukebox. He has mastered every style of music. Whenever I listen to Guy perform, I feel I could be back in Dustbowl Times with Woody Guthrie or in Greenwich Village with Ochs and Dylan. I could just as easily be in 2093 enjoying his newest release - Guy's music is that timeless. Rarely is that degree of talent wrapped up in so much humility. If Guy were given ten Grammy Awards tomorrow, I would still feel it was too little, too late. You have your own sound - but pretty soon it will be a sound shared by millions. That big break has to right around the next musical corner for you."
Lex Zaleta - Songwriter Nashville, TN

Michetti's songs "Can't You See The Lonely?", "All In My Mind" and "Don't Learn War" have each won songwriting awards. "Can't You See The Lonely?" won honorable mention in the 12th annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest. "His lyrics are solid and thought provoking", said the letter from Billboard. Contest. The song "All In My Mind" won 1st place in the "Original Compo-10 Song Competition", where other independent songwriters are the judges and the song also won an honorable mention award in the 13th annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest. The song "Don't Learn War" won an honorable mention award in the PeaceDriven Songwriting Contest in 2006. Michetti also received the IOMA award for "Songwriter of The Year" (2006)

His music is being podcast all over the world thanks to the folks over at He has also gotten airplay here in NY and a few other stations in the US, and is starting to get airplay overseas as far away as Australia. "Radio is hard to break into for Indie artists", says Michetti. "It's nice to find DJs and Music Directors who will play indie artists on their radio stations. You find them mostly at college stations, but the commercial stations are nearly impossible without a big label pushing you. But I'm hopeful that will change too! Of course, Podcasts could change all of that in the next few years."

His two CDs, "Headin' For The Crossroads" and "All In My Mind," were recorded and produced on Staten Island at Moon Studios where his producer, Henry Falco, is the Chief Engineer. In 2003, Michetti released an EP entitled "I'm Coming Home." The title song raced around the world as it was streamed and downloaded world-wide. The title song is about a wounded solider coming home after a tour of duty in Iraq continues to be a popular download. The CD has had remarkable international sales and hit number 1 for two weeks at an independent music site in the U.K. Michetti has donated all profits from the sale of that EP to Disabled American Veterans.

Michetti is part of the independent music movement that is flourishing around the globe. "The internet has become the next big thing. It allows musicians to share their talents not only in the coffee local houses and street corners of the world, but also with music lovers who want to sample new, innovative artists."

The music business is changing," Michetti says. "There are many artists who have free downloads to allow potential fans to become familiar with their music and internet radio is bursting right now, with places like SoundClick, Mixposure and ArtistLaunch that provide great services for Independent artists and music fans alike. Even has independent music like Michetti's available for free downloads and for sale.

Michetti's music is for sale at, tower records online and The CDs are also also available to order from most music stores through Super D distribution.

CD Baby also takes music by independent artists like Michetti and distributes it digitally to places like Itunes, Napster and a host of other music sites. Places like Itunes have been acknowledged to have helped bolster sales for the music industry and the independents are becoming a part of that bottom line.

Michetti works at his craft and performs in the New York/ New Jersey area in coffee houses like the Muddy Cup and the Perking Latte Café. "These places are a god send to local songwriters and musicians, and it's a great place to hear some good music and meet new people!"

For more info you can access Guy Michetti's web site at and at