Guys With Guitars

Guys With Guitars


3 regionally recognizable solo musicians joining together on one stage providing a great show reminiscent of the of the old Windham Hill Concert series.


"Guys with Guitars" is a Concert Event featuring 3 regionally recognizable musicians joining together on one stage. Each of these Guitarists has their own established and accomplished solo careers, and having them join together for a concert event like this is reminiscent of the old Windham Hill Concerts Series. The diversity of the styles each artist brings into the mix provides an entertaining and eclectic night for your audience to enjoy.

DOUG WOOD, Innovative Acoustic Guitar
Since his days of performing in the Boston subways in the early 1990s, Doug has earned the status as one of the premier independent acoustic guitarists in the country. His contemplative, melody-driven music can shift from a sweet solo fingerstyle piece to a composition looping energetic world rhythms. He connects well with his audience , whether it's through his musicianship, tales of the road, or simply his wry sense of humor.

BEN LAPPS, Fingerstyle Guitarist
Ben recorded his first album at the age of 14 years old, and was the youngest participant in both the 2008 International Fingerstyle Guitar Championships and the 2010 Canadian Guitar Championships. This 21 year old's old mesmerizing compositions are inspired by guitar legends like Kaki King, Michael Hedges, and Thomas Leeb.

DARREN FRATE, Inventive Electric Bass
Darren's inventive work on the bass is reminiscent of bass masters like Jaco Pastorius and Michael Manring Using foot pedals and looping, he's able to create fully orchestrated melodic tunes live on stage. Nephew of James Gang bassist Dale Peters, Darren has been privy to performances across the world with various major groups.