Full frontal catharsis never sounded or looked this good!


I'm sure that each and every one of us could sit back and reminisce about the first band that had us hooked, what record it was that stirred the emotion, and, for some of us, I'm sure we could even give the exact date and time of when the revelation occurred. Bands have the power to change our views on how we see ourselves, how we see the world and even life in general. Bands have the power to lay the very foundations of who we are. Take one look at the audience of a G’ Vegas show and you will see this process in action. Kids from all over Georgia watching, learning, deciding who they want to be. But why G’ Vegas?

After years of musical loneliness the magic of the Internet brought together Art Wood and Jason Green. They have spent the majority of the past six months writing pop punk progressions more sugary than a box of children's cereal, and with more memorable hooks than a redneck's den. Paul Weissert and Keith Bouchard joined the duo shortly thereafter to create a rock and roll experience that you won't forget. With a live show that includes sweaty gyrating girls, drunken and angry midgets and more free shots then a Heineken taste test survey, their intensity is paralleled only by a room of college boys taking part in a mass fraternity hazing. Or would that be a communion? G' Vegas packs more swagger into one live show than other bands have been able to do on entire tours. G' Vegas is here to make you forget your problems for forty-five minutes at a time. But why G’ Vegas?

In only six months, G' Vegas has surpassed all expectations. In just one month they were in the studio recording a pre-production demo and were ready for the stage shortly thereafter. They've grown from their rubber ducky filled first show at an Atlanta hole in the wall, through the basement dwellings of the Somber Reptile, out through the woods surrounding the Legend Club, and onto the stage as headliners at the Masquerade, with over 100 tickets sold to reliable fans and a request to come back as soon as they can. Who would have thought a band could progress so quickly? G’ Vegas is going back into the studio at the end of February and the 200 plus members of their mailing list are watering at the mouth, awaiting the release of their 4 song sampler CD, "Bad Champagne." Not ready to stop quite yet, the band is pushing forward with a full studio album penned to be released in the summer…

So, why G’ Vegas?

Because whether you are watching or listening, they are so freaking fun! And Georgia has been lacking fun in its music for a long, long time!


CD Sampler due out in mid-July
Full length release due out Winter of 2004

Set List

Duration: Anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes...

Bad Champagne
Dumb Girl
The Break Up Song
It's not her fault
Take it Away
She's the one
It's her life
Felt the Same Way
Promises Broken
I run
He's Gone

Covers to involve the crowd:
Let me entertain you
Wanted Dead or Alive
You give love a bad name (actually any Bon Jovi song)
Hit me baby one more time
With a little help from my Friends
Song 2
Boys and Girls
La Bamba
Time after Time