Chicago, Illinois, USA

You want a fresh catch who has new rhythms and sounds and can please the socks off a crowd? I'm G.Waldo a.k.a SammyG and I delivers just that plus some surprises.


My music is derived from everything I've ever heard my entire life. During my world traveling days, my sound was undergoing constant change.
While doing non-music related tours in the east and middle-east; the stylings of Rock, Soul, Funk, and Folk, that I had been raised on, merged with eastern stylings from traditional Korean and Arabic music. And that's not all...
Later down the line I found myself in the heart of Europe where I soaked up the likes of German Folk and Spanish Gypsy-Jazz stylings.
Now, I'm home in my native city, Chicago. Call it the "home of the blues" if you like. But you can find just as much of anything else in this city, and it's all influential.
My genre... it's hard to place a name to it. Let's just say it's all inclusive. With respect to each song, the sound fits.


I have two self-produced albums.
They're called:

The Utility Room:
Classic Cup of Joe, The Tantalizing Effect, What Dreams, There's Always Christmas, Give a lil' Get a lil'

A Bigger Table:
Uptown Baby, Three Crooked Villains, Poor Times Summer in the City, Bye-Bye Baby