x treemly entertaining,showman,catchy quircky to blistering instrumentals to beautiful ballads.


gwambas music is extreemly accesable,hard to discribe,contagously catchy,once you get a taste you gotta have more.
influences range from doc watson,jerry reed,john hartford,wierd al,bread,elton john,c.s.n.y.
gwambas music is truley from the hart,funny,thoughtfull,intriguing,amazing guitar,banjo,mando,piano player.
"i lived on the streets of san fransisco for 6 months with just a guitar to see the world from a different view,busking on the streets daily,i made more than enough money to get a hotel,but stayed on the streets and learned a true formula for my song writing"
i am an artist 24/ is my medication.
formed the "okra pickles"and toured for 3 years straight,then formed the speedgrass group "freight train riders of america"playing many festivals.


composed all songs on these releases....
okra pickles-no lifegaurd on duty at the genepool.
okra pickles-blue/green
freight train riders of america-f.t.r.a (dbl album)
gwamba-shake hands with the devil
many radio jingles/comecials
charted with"all damn day"played on 100s of stations.

Set List

gwamba draws from a set list of over 500 songs,that he changes up all the time.
can play any cover from any artist........
a typical 1 set "list might be,
1)things that i think
2)wish i was at your party
3)jesco white
4)play it everyday
5)blue green
6)why is everybody allways lookin at me
8)crack pipe
9)grooves a smoovie
10)the fishing song
11)green van
12)body by the creek
13)story of a young man
14)lay down
15)darlin' charlin' darlin
17)miners sun
19)sacramento paddle wheel
20)talkin to the moon
22)nappa valley p.t.a.
23)pot song
24)dosent matter
25)headin on into madness
27)corduroy brown
28)cows pigs and fish
29)red seed
30)well mabey
32)weapon is a micraphone
sets can range from 15 min. to all night.
gwamba is known for playing songs called out by the crowed and is never stumped!