An Eclectic Alternative Pop-Folk sound, somewhat Middle Eastern, Irish & Sensuosity Indian style.


Similar Artists

Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos, The Cranberries,
Sinead O'Connor, Sarah Brightman, Siouxsie
& the Banshees, Bjork & Yoko Ono.

Musical Influences

Alanis Morissette, The Cranberries,
Ani Difranco, Sarah McLachlan, Meredith
Brooks, Jewel, Jennifer Trynin, Sarah
Brightman, Sinead O'Connor, Tracy
Bonham, U2, Shakespeare's Sister,
Violent Femmes, They Might be Giants,
Leah Andreone, Richard Marx, Prince,
The Doors, Michael McDonald, Carole
King, Donna Summer & so many more!
(Also, many of the 90's era Alternative
Bands- 90's - definitely my favorite era
for music)

I am an aspiring musician w/ an Eclectic,
Eccentric unique sound, w/ Alternative Pop,
Folk, Middle Eastern, World, Irish & Indian
styles. Most of my music is written, performed,
& recorded in my home studio.

I am a current member of BMI. I have also
sung in the past w/ the professional groups
"St. Louis Symphony Chorus" & "St. Louis
Chamber Chorus". I am interested in some
additions for my band & am open to adding
Bongo player, or Drummer & a Keyboard
player in St. Louis/Farmington, MO areas.
Please see my Contact page if interested.

*Birth date- 6/6/1974 (Gemini)
*Height- 5 '
*Eyes- Cat Eyes, as my Granny says
*Favorite Colors- Periwinkle & Silver
*Favorite Things to do- Dancing w/
lots of spinning, yeah boy! I also
really love yoga! If I could dance
& do yoga all day, I'd be the happiest
camper! Really!
*Pet Peeves: People on power trips,
sarcasm, & bad breath.
*Motto: Ditto
*Favorite Pets - Buddy/Fluffy & Guss-
my Kee-Kee
*Instruments that I play-Piano,
Keyboards, Flute, & also my Voice.
*Also love Philosophy/Philosophical
discussions. What can I say, it's in my

Most inspired by-God, Life, Happiness,
Defeat, Humbleness, various Artists'
Art forms, aritistry & style, Mike King's
& Virginia Morgan's poems, my Family
& Friends & especially my Husband.

Love-God, My Husband, Family, Friends,
Water, Nature, Stars/Moon/Sky, Making
Wishes, Dreaming, Drawing, Creativity,
Chocolate, Mints, Sunflowers, Musk Perfume,
Honeysuckle, Cornflowers, Daisies,
Rocks/Stones/Gems, Vintage Wear, Glitter,
& anything resembling the Medieval time
period, hence the name "Gwenevered".

Being originally from Farmington, MO,
I moved to St. Louis, MO in 1994 to
complete my BA in Music at Webster
University. I started writing my own style
of music & this is what I've come up with.
I am continuously working on & developing
my Music, & trying to go somewhere w/ it.
Wish me luck & creative positive
energy to carry me through! ;)


Yoga, Music, Dancing, Art (Van Gogh,
Maxwell Lynn), my cat Guss, Wholistic
and Natural Healing, Herbs that heal,
Riches in Christ ministry, Faith healing,
Healthful Nature, rocks/stones/gems,
Nature and it's artful scenes, overcast
days, Water, Sky, Stars, Faith, Medieval
time period, Chivalry, Philosophy,
Psychology, Movies (when I have time),
Ships, Boats, Rainbows, Falling Stars
and Wishes, four leaf clovers, laughing,
being funny and goofy, glitter, magical
mystical enchanting ...



Written By: Gwenevered

Hummadinger Hummadinger Humma ding ding (ch, ch, ch, ch)
You don’t know what I want you don’t know what I need (ch, ch, ch, ch)
Hummadinger Hummadinger Humma ding ding (ch, ch, ch, ch)
I hope you know what you want because it won’t be me (ch, ch, ch, ch)

Listen up close you better hear what I say (ch, ch, ch, ch)
Come on tell the truth now, who ya gonna portray? (ch, ch, ch, ch)
A lie is a lie and a fib is a fib (ch, ch, ch, ch)
But a stab in the back is hard to forgive (ch, ch, ch, ch)

Chorus: Humm a dinger, yeah yeah, Humm a dinger, yeah yeah,
Humm a dinger, yeah yeah, Humm a dinger, yeah yeah

Will you be yourself or will you be like them? (ch, ch, ch, ch)
Or ya just a coward with thick skin? (ch, ch, ch, ch)
Hummadinger Hummadinger Humma ding ding.
A Hummadinger Hummadinger Humma ding ding.

Chorus: Humm a dinger, yeah yeah, Humm a dinger, yeah yeah,
Humm a dinger, yeah yeah, Humm a dinger, yeah yeah

I’m tired of dealing with small town minds (ch, ch, ch, ch)
And their judgemental ways about life. (ch, ch, ch, ch)
Hummadinger Hummadinger Humma ding ding (ch, ch, ch, ch)
A Hummadinger Hummadinger Humma ding ding (ch, ch, ch, ch)

Chorus: Humm a dinger, yeah yeah, Humm a dinger, yeah yeah,
Humm a dinger, yeah yeah, Humm a dinger, yeah yeah


Album: "Gwenevered - Demo CD"
"Hummadinger" featured on many various occasions.

"I am Content for Now" featured on American Idol Underground.

Set List

Cover tunes:
"All I Really Want" by Alanis Morissette
"You Learn" by Alanis Morissette
"Labour of Love" by Frente
"Bizzare Love Triangle" by Frente
"Spin the Bottle" by Julianna Hatfield
"My Sister" by Julianna Hatfield

Songs done live are songs on my demo album, and a few extras if time allowed:

Songs on demo cd:
Hummadinger 2:52
Ode to Granny 2:02
About Dreams 3:08
To Jennifer, From Mike 1:31
I am Content for Now 1:24
How Can You Be? 2:01
Me & Joe's Song 2:04
The Color of God 2:24
See How the Lights 1:58
I Think 3:23
I Wish 1:19