Gwen Levey

Gwen Levey

 Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Gwen Levey is has been a singer/songwriter since she was 5 years old. She originally started out on the piano, but in the August of 2009 she picked up the guitar, naming her's Iggy. She says that he probably knows the most about her because the songs she writes on him reflect her life.


Hi, I'm Gwen, but my closest friends call me Gwenny Penny. The nickname just stuck, I guess, and knowing my friends and family, I think it just stuck with them too.

I have been singing, writing, and composing songs since I was five-years-old. Now as a 15-year-old in pursuit of a career for my passion for my music, believing in my songs and myself seems to come easier and easier with every step I make. Whether its writing a new song or performing at every venue I can, my love for my music and a musical career is proving to be the ultimate dream to chase. Originally I started out playing on the piano, but at the end of August in 2009, I got my first guitar, which I have named Iggy. He is my best friend and probably knows the most about me because the songs I write on him reflect my life and dreams.

I have played in many places including Busboys and Poets Open Mic Nights and won second place overall in Annandale High School's Battle of the Bands 2010.


I have released a single called "Crazy for You" due to be on iTunes in just about another week!

Set List

I have over 50 songs and usually play them in an order that I work out before a concert and will do sets for as long as I'm allowed to be on stage! :)