Gwen Ransom Quartet

Gwen Ransom Quartet

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Our feature is Gwen Ransem, the sweetest ol' lady you've ever seen. She has the most exciting voice! The band is led by Ken Ackley, a long time jazz rhythm guitar player, with a young man names Seth on the bass, and finally a crazy kid named David who rocks out the Melodica like nobody's business!


The band began six years when Ken Ackley met Gwen Ransem at a unitarian church. They struck up a wonderful friendship and have been working together singing amazing jazz songs since. They met Seth the bass player around two years ago. He brought some serious funk into the mix. Then, like a lightning bolt from the sky, David the melodica player was brought into their lives, and things have never been the same. Gwen's voice will make you cry, literally. But in a good way. It's unbelievable. Her story is so amazing, and she tells part of it on stage. She is sassy and we love it. Ken has played all over the world, and travels to France and Puerto Rico now and then for inspiration and to do what he loves best, which is play. Seth is a master bass player, his timing is impeccable, well, it's outrageous to say the least. And David is what he is, the most dangerous melodica player ever!


We play each week at Shades of Brown, so our discography is short and sweet, and you have to hear it in person, we don't believe in trapping the music, like some native tribes with pictures. Actually we just have never sat down to record yet.