Gregory Weaver

Gregory Weaver

 Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Jazz n-tet with sights set on global domination.


In the Fall of 2005, Gregory Weaver entered the University of Virginia. After meeting some of the most talented jazz players at the University, he helped form a band that would, after some development, be christened "Murph and the Magic Tones". "Murph" blossomed, but was not enough to sustain the massive senior recital that Greg had to put on in March 2009. Thus, he banned together Murph and more talent from the University, creating the first incarnation of the Greg Weaver Jazz Congregation, a thirteen-piece super-ensemble. Now, with most of the members having graduated, the band has become more travel-sized, and thus, coupled with the economic circumstances of most, wallet-friendly. However, as the Congregation sticks to maxim of writing music with specific ensembles consisting of different arrangements of members of the band in mind, the tredectet's size continues to grow.
Today, the legion of jazz players will form any size and style of band, adapting to any situation imaginable.


Greg Weaver Jazz Congregation - Live at Gravity 2009

Set List

For us, typical is a-typical.