Columbus, Ohio, USA
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He stands among the ranks of entertainers like Chris Brown, Omarion, Mario, & Usher. Thousands of fans across the country already know his name & have his posters on their walls. His concerts are high energy performances with tight choreography. Ladies & Gentleman, R&B's next superstar is...a rapper


In a culture where violence and female degradation are prevalent, Columbus hip hop artist Gyfted brings a new flavor to the table. Gyfted has an outlook that far surpasses the shortsighted vision of many of the mainstream artists of today. The recent release of Gyfted's debut CD "Best Kept Secret" reflects his unique insight, with tracks such as "Raisin the Bar", "We Goin Fly", "Stop Fallin", and several others. Gyfted has the unmatched ability to deliver sharp lyricism that provides much needed inspiration while coming with musical backgrounds that can easily be heard in the club or on the radio. One of Gyfted's major influences is Will Smith, although Gyfted draws much inspiration from legendary R&B artists such as Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Usher, and Smokey Robinson. Gyfted believes in himself and his music, and there are thousands of others across the nation who share this same belief. The number of Gyfted bookings has skyrocketed, and the demand for Gyfted performances across the country will continue to increase as word continues to spread about this talented, young artist. Gyfted has already performed in big time venues, such as the Apollo Theater in Chicago, and Nationwide Arena in his home base of Columbus, Ohio. Gyfted has a certain stage presence, and puts passion and energy into all of his performances with the help of the WunLuvv Dance Team. The sky is the limit for Gyfted... and he’s bringing his fans along with him. Gyfted IS hip hop’s next generation.


We Goin' Fly

Written By: Gyfted

[Verse 1]
Who's the greatest, the latest artist to shake cages?
The majors, I'm a star but it's hard to make wages
So, here come the raises | Travel to foreign places
Surrounded by sick emcees and it's contagious (Oh)
Turn up the faders | Put flame to the cadence
Steady makin' hits like I'm playin' for the Ravens
It's goin' down, doesn't matter what my age is
And goin' rock crowds, doesn't matter where the stage is
So, calm your rages and peep the demand
I do it all for my people, man, I speak for the fans
We goin' fly while I ride to the beat of the band
Keep to the Lamb | Widespread like a Cingular plan
It's all good where I'm standin', they wavin' their hands
And everybody crunk and ready to dance (stand up)
Five foot seven, ten foot wingspan
Get your hands up | The best in the land (sho nuff)

Get your hands up, reach for the sky
Get them high if you ready to fly (stand up)
Get your hands up, reach for the sky
Get them high if you ready to fly (we goin' fly)
You get extreme if you wanna, make them scream if you wanna
Get your wings if you want them, gotta fly (gotta fly)
Can succeed if you wanna, can believe if you wanna
Get your dreams if you want them, gotta fly (man, we goin' fly)

[Verse 2]
Yo, I'm callin' out presidents, govenors, mayors
White folk, Black folk, Mixed folk, Asians
East side, West side, South side, raise them
Country, urban, surfside, Cajun
Days in, days out, my pace blazes
It's quick | The sick flow is known to break gauges
It's crazy, I have to make my fans sign wavers
Most these other kats are just books with no pages
Me? I see through it, I keep my feet to it
He died and leaked fluid so I don't have to bleed through it
Kind of hard to catch your breath when the Gyft put heat to it
But I'm a do you like Fab, you're forced to breathe through it
Put the beat to it, it's just simply elite
Goin' on tour, put me up inside these Embassy Suites
It makes no difference what they tellin' me the industry seeks
We rollin' deep like the Navy on these enemy fleets


[Verse 3]
Gotta put the wings to it | I'm layin' the sting to it
I ain't just part of the crop, I brought the cream to it
Pulled the rock out the stream and I'm brought the sling to it
See the dream like I'm bringin' Martin Luther King to it
The words, I speak fluent | The curve, I lean through it
Got the city locked down like I got a key to it
Pay attention, observe, seein' how the team do it
Gyfted, platinum...kinda gots a ring to it

[Bridge - (2x)]
(Uh oh) Here it go, we goin' ride tonight
And everybody gonna have their hands high (hands high)
(Uh oh) Here it go, get them live tonight
Spread our wings out, ready to fly (man, we goin' fly)


Smile 4 Me

Written By: Gyfted

Baby smile for me (smile for me)
There ain't no need to frown
Don't let em get inside your head, don't let him break you down
Smile for me (Smile for me)
Can turn it all around
Till you believe it, I aint leavin till I see you smile
Girl could this be what you really need
All I wanna see is your smile (All I Wanna See Is Your Smile)
Spread your wings, set your spirit free
All I wanna see is your smile (Baby, Smile for Me)

[Verse 1]
I don't get you, you feel like the world's against you
I miss you, girl, that's the issue, believe me I'm hurtin' with you
You forget that you got God to assist you
He'll wipe ya eyes with his tissues, you're too beautiful with too much potential
But it'll leave you if you let it, depressed, cause you're not perfected
Feel your destiny's expected to be worthless and rejected
And I know life is hard and the journey feels like it's far
And your heart is forever scarred by your past and you regret it
Lookin' for anesthetic for erasin' ya pain
There's been a drought, years later, you still waitin' on rain
Wastin' your time, when you goin' run out of patience?
I hate to say it but your better off without him like them rats in your basement
So tell me why, tell me why, don't you want to be happy
Tell me why, tell me why are you stickin' around
Tell me why, tell me why, cause I'm missin' you badly
Baby I just wanna see you smile (I wanna see you...)


[Verse 2]
Tired of seein' you sad, and you bein' mad at the world
It's an unnecessary attitude girl
I show my gratitude for bein' your friend by bein' a friend
This all gotta end, cause that's the only way your heart's gonna mend
Nah, dont defend him for that bruise on your skin
Mami he hurt you, and it's not the first time, girl, he'll do it again
Each time gets worse, but you ignorin' the trend
You are a woman of virtue, you don't deserve this situation your in
What's wrong with men? It's a sin the way we treatin' our women
And that ain't game that dude is spittin', ma, that's poisonous venom
They victim never expected that she'd be only for sex
He said he loved her right before he sank his teeth in her neck
Now she depressed from the effect of the poison
Ain't noone found her a cure
I miss her cause she ain't around anymore
It's not the same, It's different now than before
The pain is hard to endure, she doesn't laugh, she doesn't smile anymore
So tell me why, tell me why, don't you want to be happy
Tell me why, tell me why are you stickin' around
Tell me why, tell me why, cause I'm missin' you badly
Baby I just wanna see you smile (Wanna see you....)


They say pens are stronger than swords, I tend to agree
That's why my heart'll beat and bleed on my sleeve
And I let it leak it on the page and it starts to fade, transformin to be the baby that's born
When I perform these are the lyrics I read
Life is a dream, baby, more than just material things
You are queen, you are an angel, God blessed you with wings
I'm more concerned about your mind than what's inside of your jeans
So baby smile for me (Baby smile for me)


Everything to Me

Written By: Gyfted

Babygirl, I got something to tell you. I should have told you a long time ago...

Baby, let me tell you what you really mean to me
And everything is always more than what it seems to be
Never change, you're my dream girl, more than what I dreamed to be
Babygirl, you're everything to me...everything to me

[Verse 1]
I'm so thankful for this girl that I've found
The reason for the sunshine, you're the reason I smile
You took my life and you turned it around
When I'm down, you help me get my feet up off of the ground
And now I'm holdin' on to everything that I got
And I stay holdin' on to the hands of the clock
We're God blessed | No more threats on us
I must confess we're destined | No more stress on us, no more regrets
Respect, this is my heart, mind, body, and soul
I proposed, eternal promises sown
My baby glow like the sun when it shine in the snow
And years ago I didn't know what it would mean to be whole
Baby, know I can't be without you (without you)
You're my air, can't breathe without you (without you)
You're my prayer on my knees
Baby, where would I be without you
Bein' me ain't bein' me if bein' me's without you

[Chorus - (2x)

[Verse 2]
God's grace | Ethnicity...holy race
Paul's letters to Corinthians folded to hold my place
They say that love is much stronger than hate
There's no debate she's like a diamond rose sittin' in a platinum vase
We been chasin' forever
From the moment I met her she was my world
Boo, babygirl, down for whatever
"I love Matt" stitched into her sweater
Ain't no surprise she always standin' by my side through each and every endeavor
Never tears, ma, I'll cry for you | I'll always ride for you
Hold you down, protect you, be your man, girl, I'll provide for you
I'll never lie to you | Always makin' time for you
I'd die for you, put my life out on the line for you
If I could fly for you, best believe I'd try for you
If I had the money, best believe that I would buy for you
Rhyme to you, never say goodbye to you
Sing this lullaby, I wanna try to be the perfect guy to you

[Chorus - (2x)]

[Verse 3]
I thank God everyday that love is patient
Ain't no hurries or no worries about chains and bracelets
Just embrace it | Love is kind, it doesn't envy
Bein' proud isn't in me, I'm speakin' this gently
Never boast, never brag 'bout money and wealth
It's slow to anger and never lookin' out for itself
There ain't no grudge held, wrong's are forgiven..I'm livin' proof
Trippin' with evil, love rejoice when you come back to the truth (Truth)
It always protects, hopes, trusts, and perseveres
And when perfection comes, imperfection disappears
When we become a man, we put behind our younger years
And reflect upon our life in the mirror | The vision's clear
I hope you hear me that love is the greatest above hope and our faith
It's one certainty the future entails
See, prophecies will cease and knowledge will pass away
But believe true love, baby, never will fail


Baby, I know we've had a problems. We've been through our issues and situations. But everyday I thank God for you. And I thank God we had the strength to get through that. You're everything to me, baby. Everything.

Lose Control

Written By: Gyfted


I can tell you want to dance

I can see it in your eyes

Baby take my hand

I'm a show you how we ride

Got you feelin' the vibe

We goin' 2 step, spin, then lean to side

Turn the heat up high, let ya body melt

Get loose, don't worry 'bout anybody else

Let it flow, let it get in ya soul

Whatever's on your mind, let it go (let it go)

Let's roll with no sanity (Say what?)

Baby come dance with me (Uh Huh)

I was born with music in my blood, that makes it family (Uh Huh)

Fulfill your fantasy, define your reality

Don't let 'em ever tell you it's not real

Do whatever, EVER you feel


This is how we roll

Baby just let it go

I can see you wanna dance, baby this is your chance

To just lose control

This how we roll

Baby just let it go

Baby, I can't stop, I gotta rock

Till everybody lose control


Whoa! You better use it (use it)

'Fore you turn around and ya lose it (Hey! Hey!)

Keep it bumpin' to the music (music)

Can I get a little bit of movement, Baby

Yessir, it's goin' down tonight

Yea, everybody in the club gather 'round the mic

I'm a shine, 150 pounds of light

Thank Christ, cause he's the harmony of my life

I feel like this party's gonna go on all night

I feel like nobody's goin' be goin home tonight

I feel like everybody'll lose control night

I feel like dancin', dancin', we goin' dance tonight


I know you love it, I know that it gives you chills (it gives you chills)

I know you're lovin' the way that it makes you feel (it makes you feel)

So if you feel it then why are you standin' still (I said why?)

Don't let it be ever concealed

Do whatever, EVER, you feel



DJ Turn it up! Heat wave goin' burn 'em up

I said DJ turn it up! Heat wave goin' burn 'em up

I said Dj turn it up! Heat wave goin' burn 'em up

Yo I said DJ! I said DJ!

Turn it up!!!


"Gyfted: Best Kept Secret" (2005)

"Enemy Child Presents: The Warriors Mixtape Volume 1" (2005)

"This Click Records: Serious Series Mixtape Volume 3" (2005)

"This Click Records: Serious Series Mixtape Volume 2" (2004)

"Pump It Up: New Xenesis" [Arcade] (2006)

Set List

45-60 minute set
Performs with a professional hip-hop dance team
Optional motivational/educational speaking at no extra charge (positivity in hip-hop, goals, dreams, etc.)