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"Sleazegrinder review"
Gypsycho have emblazoned the cover of their debut CD with a very Hanoi Rocks-y tattoo design, which would lead you to believe that they are both glam-dandies and foreigners. Alas, they are neither. Gypsycho are actually from Boston, the least glammy town on Earth, and their music owes more to flannel than glitter. Their sound mixes crunchy grunge and slippery stoner-rolla, but manages to drag itself out of the heavy-devy mire of weird-beard dope rock most of the time, thanks to a relentlessly funk-obsessed bass player (Ralph Whittemore), a very strong arena-rocking vocalist (Paul Wabrek) and songs that are dappled with sunshine. Occasionally, these two warring factions collapse in on one another, resulting in suburban opening band mish-mashes like “Tellya Something”, but most of the time they just sound bouncy and bright and sweetly stoned, sorta like the PB Army or Roadsaw or Underride or maybe Puny Human, minus all the extra meat and hairy knuckles. The psychedelic sound garden of “Half a Mile” is the clear standout here, but give it a few spins and all sorts of interesting new blood flowers start blooming. One to watch here, for sure. - Sleazegrinder

" review"

Hard rockers Gypsycho used to wail under the moniker of Tongue-N-Groove. Massachusetts is the home to many a great metal and hard rock band and Gypsycho are trying to cut their teeth on a scene that often makes it difficult for newbies to strike gold in the local circuit. Each member of the band is quite talented with the drummer being able to just crush beats while their bassist follows suit nailing down rhythms and groove. The guitar work is pretty impressive and is tonally detuned and heavy as a slab of concrete. The vocals are crisp and clear and don’t growl, yell, or scream instead opting for old school metal crooning giving it a less nasal Alice In Chains feeling. -J-Sin


"Daredevil review(Germany)" reviews december05/2005 reviews december05.html

Gypsycho-s/t CD
Electro Magnet Records

The four guys of Gypsycho started as a cover band, but soon they recognized that playing covers is cool, but playing own music is even the four dudes went out to rock the world with self written Heavy-Metal tunes. I really like what I hear, cause it´s pretty much what I await of a Heavy-Metal band...good melodies, nice hook-lines and a really good vocalist. There´s one thing I don´t like which is the sound...I mean...hey...this is I want a f**ing Heavy-Metal sound...crushing, loud and powerful, but this recording is a bit toooo quiet for me and it comes over a bit to "nice", but Metal have to be "naughty" and sometimes a little bit "mean"...I miss this feeling in this recording. Check them out if you like bands like, Maiden, Priest etc...damn...I hope these guys record a new more powerful CD...I wanna hear and feel the sweat... RB
- Daredevil

"Fishcomcollective review"

Mingling stoner, elements of melodic thrash, straight-up hard rock and metal, power, etc., Gypsycho has crafted a sound that feels readily familiar yet tingles with a little of its own unique personality. Basically, this is the kind of attitude music you just kick back and knock back a few whiskeys to. Or start a bar brawl. Your choice. At any rate, the songwriting plays with texture and above-standard song structuring, fueled by controlled energy and solid rock groove. Check em out.

- Fishcomcollective


Gypsycho's self-titled CD was released in September of 2005. It is available on,, and itunes. Go to for details or to contact us.



The history of Gypsycho members goes back many years, from supporting each other in previous ventures, to playing on the same bill. Ralph Whittemore and Paul Wabrek got together in 1997, and, as a three-piece, played over two-hundred gigs and recorded two CDs under the band name Tongue-n-Groove. After experimenting with another drummer and guitarist, they were lucky to team up with Chuck Fitzgerald. Chuck, having played as many live gigs as Ralph and Paul for Sacred Reich, was a perfect match. He joined TNG just in time to record their second CD "Better Than Never." Then came Russell Pace..coming on board in 2003, his unbelievable talent on guitar was the perfect fit for TNG, and changed the chemistry enough that they decided they should work on new material under a new band name. They decided to name the new project Gypsycho, because of newly psychotic elements intertwined with the nomadic changes in the music. Their debut self-titled CD was released in September of '05. It was mastered at New Alliance Studios in Boston.