Gypsy John

Gypsy John



I play my own style of country. Just me and my guitar. I taught myself to play the guitar and sing. One night I played some music for my mom,about 5yrs. ago. She said I was ready now. In the 60's I played at a college my friend was going to. Iplayed some Hank Williams tunes,they wanted me to keep performing.I played at Sheepshead Bay,NY and at Times Square. Recently I performed at Little Nashville in Petersburg,DE. THe audience applauded and some people said I stole the show. I taught myself to sing and play the guitar starting at 10yrs.old. Ienjoy making music and entertaing people.


First Year Blues on CD Baby. ialso made a record back in 1975. The songs were,"Pretty Crazy Baby" & "Wild As the Wind.