Gypsy  Piano Blues

Gypsy Piano Blues


Gypsy Piano Blues is now solo(just sometimes with friends) a soulful blues piano and vocals like Janis Joplin-Nov 2005-Voices Magazine State College PA **If there are drums on tracks it is drum machine inside Yamaha Keyboards I use**Some songs are just piano (those marked-solo)others have drums


Started this in 94 when I was in between bands now its a mainstay and as always GPB is solo or with friends,for 2008 it will be mostly solo
For Bookings call (724)895-3834


Cry Of The Gypsy 2005
Roll With Me Daddy 2007
Seeing Blues(Upcoming Spring 2008)

Set List

If I play a cover song I rearrange them like George Thorogood does for his band blues songs redone...
You shook me,Rock Me Baby(funky version)Checkin on My baby,Honeybee,Whole Lotta Shakin,Never Quite Like This(Original)All Out Of Lies(original)You Only Want Me When You Want Me(original-rockabilly)do tons of songs , cover everything from ,Thats All Right Mama,Got My Mojo Working ect. 100+ songs