Gypsy Relic

Gypsy Relic

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The bastard step-child of a town enamored with dead idols and cover bands. A Cleveland-based trio who writes original lyrics and fuses a musical style that reflects deep rock-n-roll roots. Not an eighties metal band.


Together for over ten years, Gypsy Relic is guitarist and vocalist Dann Jasko, bassist Brad Thompson and drummer Chris Szuch.

Blending rock, blues, funk, jazz, and hip-hop, Gypsy Relic boasts an extensive list of songs that appeal to a wide audience. Influences range from Jimi Hendrix to Jane's Addiction to A Tribe Called Quest. Cleveland-area fans are offered a sound that reflects hometown pride - what some have described as "blue collar rock with a touch of jazz."

Gypsy Relic has played a variety of Cleveland venues, including Peabody's, Wilbert's, Agora Ballroom, Burning River Fest 2008, and a sold-out CD release party at Cleveland's House of Blues.

In 2011, the band has plans to take their Cleveland sound on the road, and to add the road to their Cleveland sound.


Burn On Big River (2000) is a raw take on what is now a more refined and mature vision. That vision comes through in the band's two EPs: Studio Sessions (2007) and the Lava Room Recordings (2008).

Paycheck to Paycheck (2009), Gypsy Relic's first full-length studio album, captures the efforts of songwriting team Jasko and Thompson, featuring revamped older tunes as well as new sounds. Produced by Dustin Mapes of Cleveland's Lava Room Recording Studio, who has worked with artists such as Mushroomhead and The Jack Fords, Paycheck to Paycheck covers a spectrum of moods and styles and marks a new era in Gypsy Relic's musical timeline.