Gypsy Revival

Gypsy Revival


We are a rock band with many influences including but not limited to classic rock, country, blues, gospel and more. Our live shows are energetic and we strive to entertain whether there are 10 people or hundreds of people. Also, we never play the same show twice.....just to keep things interesting


Gypsy Revival is a vintage rock band with modern relevance whose influences cover many decades and genres. If you were to keep track of the records played on the tour bus, you would hear artists such as The Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Coldplay, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Tom Petty, Led Zepplin, The Band, Weezer, The Greatful Dead and The Black Crows. Such a wide variety of influences creates a new sound like none other. While most bands pick a band or group of bands that they want to sound like, Gypsy Revival has set out to invent a new sound that is their own.


We plan to release our self titled EP early in the fall of '09.

Set List

Our set list varies greatly depending on the situation. For the typical 45 minute set of original music, our set would include some combination of songs such as Leather Jacket Blues, Daniel Johnston, Days To Come, Movie Scene, Whiskey Pride, Backdoor Beauty, Monterrey, Brother Don't Cry, The Flu, Little Albert, Say You Rock and Roll and several others.

We are also capable of filling a 4 or 5 hour time slot. When we do these shows, we mix our originals in with a list of covers including but not at all limited to songs such as:
Mary Jane’s Last Dance
One Way Out
Hard to Handle
All Along the Watchtower
Say It Ain't So
Rocky Racoon
Hey Joe
Tangled Up In Blue
Killing Floor
I Shot the Sheriff
Like A Rolling Stone
I Will Survive
Ain't No Sunshine
Fight For Your Right
Round Here
Lets Go Get Stoned
I Ain’t Drunk
Can’t Always Get What You Want
The Weight
Red House
Black Magic Woman
Dead Flowers
The Thrill is Gone
Whipping Post
With A Little