Steve Gibons Gypsy Rhythm Project

Steve Gibons Gypsy Rhythm Project

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Gypsy Rhythm Project Chicago's go-to group for stripped-down, old-fashioned Roma music- they bring the improvisational sophistication of jazz to Romanian and Bulgarian Gypsy music without smoothing out its ragged edges.


Jazz violinist Steve Gibons leads this unique Eastern-Western Chicago group. Along with the sophisticated jazz stylings of guitarist Mike Allemana (Von Freeman) and drummer Tim Mulveena (ex–Vandermark 5), cimbalom guru Nicolae Feraru and accordion virtuoso Juliano Milo bring their worldly background. Romanian Gypsy culture has one of the richest musical legacies in the world, full of jazz harmonies and booty-twitching rhythms.


Beat Nomad: 2009 CD Release

2008 DVD: Gypsy Rhythm Project Live at the Green Mill, Chicago, IL

2009 CD Release: Beat Nomad-

Set List

Sets are 50 minutes long, repertoire consists of traditional titles in original arrangements.