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"This exquisite duo is one of the most brilliantly instrumented and vocally adept bands alive and kicking. The most original material in the folk-rock scene today - totally unique and captivating."

“The Journey...strikingly beautiful with the group's seamless blend of folk, jazz, pop and world music” — ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 2002

“Cilette Swann's voice is haunting, and Roman Morykit's musicianship is superb. Their music stirs the soul and moves the spirit.”

“Amazing Grace voted critic’s choice for the Top Ten CDs of 2001.”— ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 2001

“Those with true artistic ability and a passion for the music are a rare breed, but this group is one where those aspects can be found."
Gypsy Soul, 2001 Elite Artist.

“Exquisite. Intoxicating and passion-filled.” — HUH, (Raygun Publishing)

“Gypsy Soul was the best performance we have ever had on this show.” — Bill Menish, NBC-TV

“...they combine vocal melodies into a lush, soulful European folk/Celtic rock/r&b sound.”

“Arranger Morykit’s passionate fretless lights Cilette Swann’s beguiling Sinead-meets-Trisha Yearwood vocals.”— BASS PLAYER

“Gypsy Soul’s sweet and soulful Celtic-flavored soft rock is an enjoyable departure....Roman Morykit’s fretless bass skills are particularly pleasurable.”

“...their eclectic, rhythmic folk mix is earning them a steady following around town...” — THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Morykit is the mastermind here, building a lush musical landscape around his tasteful fretless lines, over which Cilette’s angelic soprano soars.” — BASS PLAYER

“...creates pristine dreamy music that soars with Cilette’s exquisite voice.” — TOTALLY ADULT/

"Superb vocals and musicianship combine to produce one of the most original sounds I have heard in a long time."

“Soundtrack producers looking for the next Sarah McLachlan or spiritual descendent of Roxy Music...
the music of Gypsy Soul is mesmerizing.”

“A distinct female voice and amazing bass are Gypsy Soul’s future in fame...a cross between Tori
Amos and Sarah McLachlan.”

“Striking, mystical. Cilette’s voice is both moving and remarkably natural.” — BAM

“Beauty Incarnate, it is like silk caressing your mind, body and soul.” — Bill Bruedigam, THEMESTREAM

“Gypsy Soul; a deep and unique bond both musically and spiritually. Haunting and beautiful.”
— Bob Blackburn, Promotions Coordinator, WESTWOOD ONE RADIO NETWORKS - National Media Outlets

"CRITIC'S CHOICE in 60 publications"

LA Times, OC Register, OC Weekly, Standard Examiner (cover story), Bass Player, Desert Post Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle, Fresno Bee (feature story), San Francisco Independent (feature story), Daily Courier (feature story) Performing Songwriter (TOP DIY 3 Times), Monterey County Herald, San Fransisco Herald (feature), Ashland Daily Tidings (cover Story) Coast Weekly, Jefferson Monthly, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Pacific Sun, Mail Tribune (two cover stories), Deseret News (cover story), Where Magazine San Francisco, Las Vegas Weekly, Park Record (cover story), Salt Lake City Weekly, Flip Side, EAR (feature), Seattle Spin, This Week in Park City, and others - Numerous Authors - Cover Stories and Features noted


Saturday, May 28, 2005 -

PARK RECORD, Park City Utah
By Monika Guendner

Gypsy Soul takes their audience Beneath the Covers
Husband and wife team carve their own niche in the music industry by relying on each other
By Monika Guendner Record contributing writing

When it comes to interdependence, Cilette Swann and Roman Morykit, the two members of the acoustic rock duo Gypsy Soul, are deeply intertwined.

Together, they not only write the music and lyrics to most of their songs, having produced and edited their song collection into eight CDs and playing most of the instruments live and recorded, they also organize and promote their own live performances, renting out venues with the plan to fill them with loyal fans that follow them from state to state.

Not bad for a couple married 14 years and working together so closely for the past decade.

"For almost 10 years, we have been making our living solely from music performances and CD sales," said Swann.

They have been able to include some television and film credits to their resume and earnings as well, but the concerts and recordings remain the bread and butter for the independent musicians.

Gypsy Soul's arrival at Park City's Egyptian Theatre will only be the second time the duo has played in Utah. Last year, a fan-turned-friend-turned-assistant helped them fill the Egyptian Theater in Ogden. The upcoming performance, two full sets played Saturday evening June 4, will be an intimate concert without backup musicians.

Morykit plays all the musical instruments, from acoustic guitar to dobro to brettless base, with Swann occasionally joining in with a percussive instrument. Her main responsibility is expressing the lyric.

"She 'only' sings. Until you hear her sing," said Morykit.

But unlike other singer/instrumental duos, Morykit's intricate and skillful guitar is a partner with Swann's clear voice, not merely background accompaniment.

As they have done since developing a fan base through performances at art and wine festivals, Swann and Morykit rented out the Egyptian venue themselves, and now have the task of filling it. The area's natural beauty will complement their efforts to create an event at the theater, as well as satiate their personal fondness for performing in scenic venues, said Swann.

Unspoiled by the whims and con-straints of recording under a large record label, Swann and Morykit describe their music as acoustic rock with strong Americana and Celtic roots. Their eclectic combinations were earned through heritage and geography - Swann has Irish and South African in her blood but grew up in the United States; Morykit's family tree has roots in Italy and the Ukraine, but his accent reveals his decidedly English upbringing. During the first five years of marriage, the couple honed their writing skills while living in five different countries.

Although they don't compare themselves directly to musicians such as Allison Krauss, Shawn Colvin and Sarah McLachlan, they do feel a special kinship with those musicians.

"Someone into those kinds of artists would absolutely get what we do," said Swann.

The demographics of their most avid fans run the gamut, from an eight-year-old girl who has been a fan literally half her life to great grandparents nearing a century of life.

"The common denominator with our fans is that they are absolutely true music lovers," said Swann.

Fan support even carried the duo emotionally and financially last year, when their traveling van was broken into and they were robbed of most of the contents. Fans came through with a "substantial check" that allowed them to prepare for their next concert in less than four days, said Morykit.

That kind of support prompted Gypsy Soul to include 'Silver Lining,' the only original song on 'Beneath The Covers' to acknowledge those important fans.

Of the eight CDs to their credit, 'Beneath The Covers' is one of the few that focuses on other artists' songs. Gypsy Soul has also recorded a Christmas album that avoids the tradition of performing classic songs in a syrupy way, said Morykit.

Gypsy Soul's original songs and lyrics are steeped in introspective, personal writing, and that emphasis has strengthened the quality of their music, said Morykit.

The songs often deal with the big questions of life, and they do have plenty of love songs, because love is an important facet of life, he added.

"[But] there are no 'ooo babies.' I don't think I've ever put 'baby' in a song," said Swann, who writes most of the lyrics. Well, there was one, Morykit corrects her. But the bluesy send-off song, 'Baby Got Wise,' hardy smacks of the 'ooo baby' saccharine of bubblegum pop.

As the duo's writing has matured and grown over the past decade, they have become more confident in their sound. Earlier recordings still had the possibility of a contract with a record label in mind and that influenced how they wrote.

"We were trying to impress the reco - Monika Guendner


All are Full Length Studio CDs (except the LIVE CD)

Wanderlust - (Feb 2009 national release)
Beneath the Covers - A Rediscovery (Feb. 2007)
One Beautiful Night (LIVE), 2004
The Journey, 2002
Amazing Grace, 2002
Superstition Highway, 2001
Sacred, 2000
Sanctuary, 1998
Test of Time, 1997



What the media are saying about this

Gypsy Soul's been named "TOP PICK"/CRITIC's CHOICE" 60 times by: LA Times, Salt Lake City Weekly, San Francisco Examiner/Independent, San Francisco Chronicle, Santa Cruz Weekly, Park Record, LA Almanac, Performing Songwriter, Where Magazine, Monterey County Herald, San Francisco Herald, Orange County Register, Standard Examiner (UT), Bass Player, Coast Weekly (Monterey), Jefferson Monthly, OC Weekly, SF Chronical, Desert Post Weekly (PalmSprings) etc.

Gypsy Soul has charted on three radio charts including:
#5 on New Age Reporter, #8 on Folk DJ and #36 on Adult Contemporary Top 40 (R & R /Gavin).

“Cilette Swann's voice is haunting, and Roman Morykit's musicianship is superb. Their music stirs the soul and moves the spirit.”

“Amazing Grace voted critic’s choice for the Top Ten CDs of 2001.”— Orange County Register, 2001

“Those with true artistic ability and a passion for the music are a rare breed, but this group is one where those aspects can be found.”—
The Global Muse. Gypsy Soul, 2001 Elite Artist.

"Superb vocals and musicianship combine to produce one of the most original sounds I have heard in a long time" — Alan Corbeth, Premier Radio Networks

“Soundtrack producers looking for the next Sarah McLachlan or spiritual descendant of Roxy Music...
the music of Gypsy Soul is mesmerizing.”
—Tom Kidd, Music Connection


* They have produced nine acclaimed CDs, selling over 100,000 independently; winning many indie music awards
* They've earned nearly 1.5 million downloads on with 10 number one songs
* Their music has aired over 100 times in more than 14 different countries on hit TV shows such as:
Providence, Felicity, Roswell, The Young & The Restless, MTV Specials and Movies of The Week among others
* Their music has been featured in the Movies: Quick Sand (Michael Kane), After Sex (Brooke Shields) and others
* They have licensing deals in the Far East, S. Africa.
* They've opened for Grammy Winners: Larry Klein & Tony Childs; CMA Winner: Beth Neilsen-Chapman & others
* As both Duo & Group (up to 5), they consistently play to 150-500 fans in the western states; many shows sell out
* They have an active base with over 10,500 fan email addresses
* They've showcased at ASCAP's "Quiet on the Set", IAFE, OFEA, EAT'M, ARTS NW, NSA's "Acoustic Underground"

Allow me to introduce Cilette Swann (singer/lyricist) & Roman Morykit (music writer/producer)...A.K.A. Gypsy Soul: Their Soulful, Acoustic Rock with Celtic and Americana Roots has been likened to artists: Eva Cassidy, Shawn Colvin, Alison Krauss, Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKennitt, Sheryl Crow, David Gray and Fleetwood Mac. Their world-class, acoustic rock music has earned them "Critics Choice" in over 60 publications.

So how come you haven't heard of Gypsy Soul? Perhaps you've been looking in the wrong places....

"We've spent the last 10 plus years writing and touring, building our grassroots following the old fashioned way without radio funding or distribution. After a few record deals dissipated due to label finances, we started our own label and learnt how to book tours and do publicity. We found that
the more we did on our own and the more success we had, the more other people wanted to get involved and help us. For Roman and myself, it is not success at any cost. There are certainly easier ways to make a living, but being musicians has always been more of a need than a choice for us and we will continue to perform until we simply can't anymore," muses Cilette Swann.

Roman, Gypsy Soul's multi-instrumentalist co-writer and producer speaks about the band's origins:

"We are both first generation immigrants of first generation immigrants. There are a lot of different cultures at work here, hence the name, Gypsy Soul. Cilette is Canadian of Irish and South African heritage while I was born in England of Ukrainian and Italian parents. Our diverse cultural roots are pretty evident in our music. Perhaps that is why our sound is not easily categorized into just one genre?"

This husband & wife duo, met in Scotland and have lived in five different countries. For the last 1o years, Cilette and Roman have made their living entirely as professional musicians - a rare thing these days....

"When our label deals fell apart in the 90's, we consciously decided to go at this on our own. Although very open to working with people with vision and integrity, we have often found it easier to just get the job done ourselves. We are currently seeking a label partners in domestic and foreign territories to help raise profile. We have recently signed a worldwide, Co-Publishing Deal with Pen Music Group and are thrilled to their support and integrity on board. We know our audience and it has been impo