the gypsy soul experience

the gypsy soul experience

 Edinburgh, Scotland, GBR

The Gypsy Soul Experience are an unique band that provide a warm, energetic and inspiring live show. We offer a very professional package that easily holds a big stage on both a musical and a visual level. Because of our infectious vibe and the wide age range of the band,we appeal to all generation


"A winning combination of melodic folk-pop songs - with a distinctly Celtic flavour."
The Skinny

Straight-to-digital-download newcomers The Gypsy Soul Experience take a magical mystery tour to the Voodoo Rooms on Sunday 7th June 2009 with their first, brand new debut release single - the soundtrack to this year’s summer - Beautiful World.

Described as “one of the most visionary artists in Scotland”, critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter, Iain Petrie, leads the Borders-based seven-piece band, whose single has already been described as “the aural equivalent of being kissed by an angel in a sunny meadow”.

As Petrie, himself describes Beautiful World: “The message is relevant to the times; the world is going through a transformation, therefore a positive message with a positive vibe is what people really want to hear. The song is empowering; it puts the listener in touch with their true nature.”

A former winner of the prestigious Borders String Jam Club Musician of the Year Award, and lauded for last year’s solo album (I‘ll Stay By You), after a brief period of hibernation Petrie is about to bloom again. Formed this year following a chance encounter at a music festival, The Gypsy Soul Experience is already renowned for their trademark sound: their seductive dual, (female-fronted) fiddle and vocal sound. Have you got your tickets yet?

Firmly rooted in both Californian pop and traditional Celtic-folk, The Gypsy Soul Experience describe their “gypsy vibe” as “a wanderlust, a communal vibe; soulful, heartfelt expression bolstered by irrepressible uplifting energy.” They also feature some of the Borders, if not Scotland’s finest musicians. From the flirtatiously funky fiddle playing of Rachel Cross and Carly Blain (both finalists of BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards 2004/5), to the Motown sounds of all-singing, all-dancing 17-year-old’s Hannah Simmons an Anna Merryfield, the band also comprises the drumming skills of ex-Hobotalk and Average White Band alumni Allan Cranston and Gabriel Merryfield (bass).

As well as the band’s single, the show will feature songs from the band’s upcoming as-yet-untitled debut album. Songs, Petrie maintains that sound like “Paul McCartney and Fleetwood Mac had they met in a gypsy caravan. We‘re Sly & The Family Stone-style troubadours.”

What truly sets The Gypsy Soul Experience apart from their peers, however, is their universal appeal. As likely to recruit 15-year-old pop fans as 70-year-old folk-music followers, their music has a timeless-like quality to it that will no doubt go on to mesmerise all who fall under their magical, gypsy spell.


Beautiful World

Written By: Iain Petrie

Bless the world, love the world, heal the world, embrace the world
And thank the world for the miracle
All our life, she is home
Mother earth, we are one
I want to thank you so much for being here

Lets be one with her song, instead of cutting her down
like we need to claim her
Humankind is our name, so lets be what we’re called
instead of trying to tame her

havent you heard?
haven’t you heard?
it’s a beautiful world

Perfectly beautiful, infinite and bountiful
Truly we live amongst our eden
But egos born, lost in form, carry on as if theres none
and put us on the path of destruction

But she chimes with the times, and our minds have to change
Or we’re gonna here her thunder
So let change be for good, and let time be our friend
While we walk a lightly upon her

havent you heard?
haven’t you heard?
it’s a beautiful world


May 2010 ALBUM RELEASE 'Paradise'

June 7 2009 SINGLE RELEASE 'beautiful world'

APRIL 2008 ALBUM RELEASE 'ILL STAY BY YOU by iain petrie on fourtrak records (

Set List

up to 120 minutes of original songs with some choice covers

including Susie
Beautifiul world
River of tears
Connect to the heart
River of Grace
You can have it all
You're worth living for
Ill stay by you
Down to the river to pray
Steal away