Lyric ,song based jam band with stong ties to jazz ,country,reggae & rock. Emphasis is placed on the songs story and harmonic structure. Jamming is used to inhance or move between songs but not as the basis of the songs.

Other Info

Cover band: 


GYROVAGUES , 6 song sampler

Set List

Part Time J.Crouch c 2007
Loyal Devotion J. Crouch c 2007
Devil Woman J.Crouch c 2007
This Time Didn't You J.Crouch c2007
Tell Me A Lie J.Crouch c2007
Cold Morning J.Crouch c 2007
Stumbled J.Crouch c 2007
Don,t Have To Worry J. Crouch c2007
Time J.Crouch c 2007
One For You J.Crouch c2007
Where I Wouldn,t Be J.Crouch c 2007
Wind Is A Friend J. Crouch c2007
If I Leave J.Crouch c 2007
Fantice 27 J. Crouch c 2007
My Turn Now J.Crouch c 2007
Explane To Me /Emotional distress J. Crouch c 2007
Comin' Back To Me (M. Balin 1965) /anger And Acceptance J.Crouch c 2007
Marry's Empty Bed (?) /The End The Doors
Bad News J. Jenking
Bright Lights J. Reed
Sets last from 1-2 hours
Using all the songs we know we can provide 4 hrs.of music without beating any horse todeath.