H2O Soul

H2O Soul

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Clever, MPLI, and SunChild, submerge their listeners deep in an ocean of thought with the hope that they will resurface refreshed and revitalized. So prepare to get splashed as the flows of H2O Soul take you, like a strong current, on an incredible ride you will never forget.


Reincarnation of Three

Hip Hop knows the number three well. It has manifest itself numerous times over the years in the form of legends such as Run DMC, A Tribe Called Quest and The Fugees, to name a few. This time the stars aligned over Chicago, sparking once again the reincarnation of three, with a combination of chemistry, charisma and charm never seen before. Labeled, �The Most Necessary Element in Hip Hop,� by H.A.S. magazine, H2O Soul is a cool, refreshing drink that promises to keep the game from dehydrating anytime soon. The trio has rocked the stage with the likes of Kanye West, Jaguar Wright, The Legendary Roots Crew, and Zion I- along with other notable Chicago artists such as Kidz in the Hall, Iomos Marad, Que Billah and J Kwest. Their vocal texture and smooth delivery caught the attention of DJ Slim Kid Tre of the Pharcyde, who counseled the group on staying focused and keeping their bond tight. Thrust into a changing music industry, H2O Soul�s definitive voice speaks loud enough to be heard and bold enough to be different. Whether being backed by DJ or their live band, they posses a showmanship that is longed for in live performances. Not satisfied with mere local notoriety, H2O Soul is ready to show the world their rain has just begun.



Written By: D. Thompson, C. Pinex, M. Mann

mpli’s verse

she told me,
i was not man enough to handle what she
did to men would leave them colder then the frost along the
side of your freezer
meaner than ebenezer
the cost was something more than meets the iris, i’d proceed to
attempt to reach her
though she was resistant
to my advances so i persisted till she admitted
me and let her guard drop
so I could fence hop
into that soft spot between the lava and the sharp rocks...

her eyes were glazed over
from yesterday’s order
not a hangover she was pain sober
i could see her veins showin’
me that she stressed over something that was left on her mind
that she let slow her mind down to a crawl
she wasn’t that tall
maybe 5’4” and all naturally beautiful
her figure was an eye trap
but tongue sharper than a jagged piece of warped metal wrapped inside your door mat

So welcome
to the personality of Vikki
a wounded soul hurt from the pain of misguided living
I snapped to get her attention out of her trance
she flinched
took a sip of her coffee and then she laughed
said her smile was to cover her sadness
what kind of madness had stripped her soul of all its gladness
I had to ask
she answered life was a canvas
and hers was ripped through
painted with dark colors so the light could never get through
guess I was instrumental
to the song she was singin’
a bridge for her to leave her deamons
that she was breedin’…

run vikki run
run vikki, vikki run
run vikki run
run vikki, vikki run

clever’s verse

i’m praying
late at night
god give me some direction
free my mind from this
sick cycle of infection
hood over head hope to mask my depression
moms never made it
pops can’t move beyond the blue collar
base my truth off statistics
research from scholars
and my summer’s getting hotter
hair won’t grow
a victim of my own problems
moving downwards
digging holes i can’t stop em
broken puzzle pieces
cant mend together plots and
hearts turn to stone like the city where I’m from my
heart is so cold
second childhood in a
body full grown
black girl pain touch my body full blown
cant get a grip cant stop it on my own
diabolical injection this is the outcome
this is the outcome
diabolical injection

mike soul’s verse

you see
vikki knew love through too many names
on her heart you’ll find, find
too many stains like
the pains of rain bring too many storms
but her smile shines bright through too many clouds she
perseveres but love
she needs it now she
can’t find it in self
she never gives it out she
hides from the feeling inside
she burns
slowly dies with the feeling but she

she was a dream that i reached to
a nightmare when it came true
how could this all be true
but the game is sold never told
so i do
what i can just to maintain
that feeling inside
why must we lay blame
on forces of life
why do we save pain
and spend love so carelessly


vikki fly
vikki, vikki fly
vikki wanna run
vikki cry
vikki wanna hide
vikki dies every time she sees the sky
vikki, vikki, vikki

vikki fly
vikki, vikki fly
vikki wanna run
vikki cry
vikki wanna hide
vikki dies every time she sees the sky
vikki, vikki, vikki


and this is for
the infant kid who daddy left
long before the unconditional love sat in her chest
before the heart could pump the blood daddy left
so naturally her mind goes against the footprints daddy set


H2O Soul - Essential

Album Overview:
If you're hungry for a full course Hip Hop meal, just add a little H2O. From the Southside of Chicago come four poetic Emcees with a knack for wordplay and a love for music. Clever, Intellect, MPLI, and SunChild combine flows to form H2O, an unstoppable crew driven by a lot of heart who create songs that speak to your soul. Just one taste will let you know that purity lies within. Their music bridges the gap between generations, and their live performances are held in high esteem by both youth and older crowds. Do prepare to dive into an album designed to restore all your vital minerals, hope you brought your swim trunks. "Essential" is filled with content pertinent to the times as well as more easy going tunes. H2O knows when to be serious and when to have a good time too. All in all this group of four friends will sell you on their chemistry alone and if that wasn't enough, hit you with 15 blazing tracks, intertwining music and spoken word. So, drink up.

H2O Soul - Soul Reflections

Welcome to an EP that redefines listening. H2O Soul is more than just another hip hop crew, they embody a presence and harmony never before seen in the industry. With an ability to bridge the gap between the hip hop true schoolers of old, and the new guard, "Soul Reflections" marks the trio's second release chronicling the groups growth and development. Powerful music, meaningful messages, an overall great experience. Their music is truly a reflection of their soul.

H2O Soul - Class Is In

Their third release and second full length album,CLASS IS IN, displays a group that has realized their musical identity. An entirely live album, edgy guitar riffs, bold basslines and powerful percussion are the main three elements which drive the group's sound. Their first single "OK OK" is a great introduction to the album. It speaks to the trend of Hip Hop artists who are claiming king of the hill and is followed by "VIKKI," a soulful rock/rap narrative that will certainly move the listener both lyrically and musically. As Hip Hop music searches for its path, H2O Soul has an answer that sounds pretty damn good. If you want it, just be sure to raise your hand because CLASS IS IN.

Set List

Full Set - 45 min. - 1 hour. We have a live instrumentation show as well as tracked music performances.

Ready or Not (Intro)
Bring It
Holy Water
We Got That