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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Listen to H3nry Thr!ll's First Song of the Year, 'Don't Mind'"

Marking his first single of the new year, the young and ambitious H3nry Thr!ll released “Don’t Mind” officially out now alongside Ryan Bauer.

“Don’t Mind” features New York-based artist Ryan Bauer on vocals, who showcases a hauntingly addicting vocal line throughout. Clocking in at a crisp three minutes, “Don’t Mind” journeys through a wide array of deep sounds, melodic moments, driving basslines, and evocative synths. There is a freshly minted and finely tweaked tone to the song’s foundation, which tops up the chilled out atmosphere put forth in its entirety.

“This song is a new direction for the Thr!ll sound for 2021! Ryan is such a talented singer and I’m so hyped to release this song with him.” – H3nry Thr!ll

2020 saw a string of incredible support for H3nry from industry stars like Don Diablo, Anna Lunoe, Alesso, Oliver Heldens, BIJOUE, and more. Having a steady hand in the forefront of last year, it’s carving out yet another exciting and successful year ahead for H3nry. Honing in further on his adventurous creativity, “Don’t Mind” is a blossoming glimpse of more to come in 2021. - Nocturnal Times

"Interview: H3nry Thr!ll Lands 'Don't Give A...' on UFO Recordz (Premiere)"

Washington DC artist H3nry Thr!ll has been in the game since the early age of 12. From playing local clubs and festivals at 15 and 16, his road was carved out with a clear view. Now, at 17, he’s found a home in spreading his music and brand around the globe. Today, The Nocturnal Times has the world-premiere of H3nry’s new single “Don’t Give A” featuring MC Kane, out via UFO Recordz.

“Don’t Give A” is an evolution of H3nry’s sound that simultaneously mimics everything fans know and love about the young and thriving mind. Filled to the brim with heavy-hitting rhythms, the song screams intensity from start to finish. Packed with a sound to blow the speakers, MC Kane’s vocal lead turns the track on its head for even more energy. Classic alarms back the drop to amplify its high charisma, leaving H3nry responsible for the all-too ravenous piece “Don’t Give A” turned out to be.

Refining his craftsmanship time after time, H3nry’s discography brightens up the electronic sphere. Touching up the scene with spicy new originals, it’s no surprise his music was making it into the record bags of household names like Alesso, Don Diablo, Oliver Heldens, Blasterjaxx, and Zonderling, just to name a few.

2020 has seen the release of an impressive string of new originals including “Concentrating,” “Money,” “Stay a While,” “Down,” and “Into You.” On the remix front, H3nry revitalized “Stay A While” with remixes by Jace Mek and Tim Paul. He also released his own remix of Burn The Disco’s “Go.”

We had the pleasure of catching up with H3nry on 2021 plans, his entire brand, and all things new music in our interview below.

Nocturnal Times: Hi Henry, thanks so much for joining us today! Can you tell us where you are right now and what you’re doing?

H3nry Thr!ll: Hi guys, thanks for having me! Right now I am sitting at home (obviously) in the studio working on some really cool music and projects for the upcoming future and 2021.

Nocturnal Times: Tell us more about who H3nry Thr!ll is as an artist, a DJ and a producer…

H3nry Thr!ll: I like to think of H3nry Thr!ll as a project that my personal self works on. To me it’s an entire brand, not all about the music, but the aesthetic and the way people and the fans see me as a person. The music is the main focus but my team and I work on it like a living and breathing brand.

Nocturnal Times: We’ve been seeing the name H3nry Thr!ll more and more over the past year. How do you feel 2020 has gone for you so far?

H3nry Thr!ll: I feel that 2020 has gone really well despite all the craziness that has happened around the world! I have had multiple new releases and remixes with some really amazing labels. I’ve really started to get into a feel for the direction I want to take H3nry Thr!ll and it has been super inspiring.

Nocturnal Times: Was 2020 the year you were supposed to start touring? What did you have lined up and how have you had to adapt due to current circumstances? Do you feel able to ride it all out?

H3nry Thr!ll: I was definitely working on getting shows for this summer and fall. We started working on it in January and February so we didn’t get far before everything was shut down. It was a sad time but I feel I made the most of it by doing some livestreams and livesets in really cool places to keep everyone excited around my liveshows.

Nocturnal Times: You’ve had some really big names supporting you so far – Don Diablo, Oliver Heldens, Alesso, Anna Lunoe and more. How did you get your music in their hands? Who would you like to get some support from that you haven’t already?

H3nry Thr!ll: I have a great team around me that really believes in me and my music and they have been super helping with helping pitch to big DJs and getting the radio play and support from them. I would love to get support from Skrillex or Martin Garrix. Those were the guys that I first started listening to when I started producing and it would be a dream if they were to play my music!

Nocturnal Times: Who are your biggest influences musically?

H3nry Thr!ll: At the moment the producers I’ve really been listening to for inspiration are BroHug, Skrillex, Party Favor, and SWACQ. These guys have really unique production styles and I love listening to them to try to hear the new tricks they use for their sound, and take ideas and merge them together to get something new that sounds like H3nry Thr!ll.

Nocturnal Times: Of course we have to talk about your new single which is out on UFO Recordz, “Don’t Give A.” Can you tell us more about it?

H3nry Thr!ll: This record to me is a really fun one because I have been working on it for months now. It started as just an instrumental back in March. I found some vocals online for it and I was going to release it but didn’t and worked to find a vocalist for it who fit the track better. I found MC Kane online in June and we instantly started talking and this track (called Ride or Die at the time) was the first song I sent him. He got the vocals back to me around July. I had been talking with UFO Recordz about a release for a while and this track felt like the perfect one!

Nocturnal Times: This is your first official label signing, right? How did that come about? What are the main differences you’ve found releasing through a label compared to releasing it yourself? What other labels would you like to release on?

H3nry Thr!ll: Yea this is my first original label track! UFO Network has been supporting my music for a while now and we had talked about releasing a while ago. When this track came around it felt like the right one to do with them. Releasing with a label is really fun and interesting because I got to see a whole new way to go about promotion and building the hype for a record. For me I would love to get a release on OWSLA, Mad Decent or STMPD. Those are the dream labels for me.

Nocturnal Times: You’re still only 17 years old. Has it been hard to get people to take you seriously because you’re young?

H3nry Thr!ll: I feel it’s been a little difficult but I also like to think my music and brand speaks for itself and shows that just because I am young doesn’t mean I take this music career as a joke.

Nocturnal Times: What else would you like to mention/plug?

H3nry Thr!ll: Everyone should go check out my instagram @henrythrill for the most frequent updates on new music and all other things I am doing at the moment! - Nocturnal Times

"H3nry Thrill - Concentrating"

G-House and EDM producer H3nry Thrill is back with his latest track "Concentrating". The just 16 year old newcomer from the United States can look back on a number of well-known supporters of his previous tracks. In this article we answer whether his latest track can meet the expectations of the aspiring artist.

Aspiring newcomer H3nry Thrill
First of all, let's take a look at the named artist. H3nry Thrill is a just 16 year old DJ and producer from the USA, more precisely from the capital Washington DC. For two years the young and up-and-coming artist has been playing at festivals and clubs around his hometown. The talented producer caused a stir with his bass-laden but also melodic G-House tracks. These include his track "Down" and his remix for "Go" by Burn The Disco. But the young artist also tries out other genres from time to time. His single "Into You" goes more in the electronic trap direction. Or his track "How Does It Feel",Can be assigned to genre. His tracks have already been supported by great DJs such as Don Diablo , Oliver Heldens , BIJOU and many more. His most recently published songs can, however, be more closely related to his original G-House or Electro House genre.

Featured track

His new single "Concentrating"
So also his latest track "Concentrating". Starting with a dark vocalline and an equally dark and atmospheric bassline, the track goes into the build-up, which already gives us a little foretaste of the drop. This in turn explodes in fireworks between bass and electro house . Defined by metallic bass sounds and a rolling bassline, the drop pushes forward tremendously and discharges its full energy. The track moves in the style of bass-laden tracks by Laidback Luke or Matroda. The latter, together with Dustycloud, is one of the 16-year-old's self-proclaimed great role models. This is without question also reflected in the style of the young producer.

Conclusion: With his latest single "Concentrating" the aspiring producer from Washington DC has created another bass-laden electro house monster. As with his last two tracks, he finds a suitable mix of bass and electro house sounds. In addition, there is a dark and penetrating vocalline, which does justice to the dark vibe of the track. We are therefore excited to see what else we can expect from the 16-year-old artist in the future. - Dance-Charts (Germany)

"Fans Trip out on H3nry Thr!ll 'Concentrating' Video"

US youngster H3nry Thr!ll continues to build on his rising profile within the realm of EDM with brand new single ‘Concentrating’, out now on global release. The sixth track to come from Thr!ll in as many months, ‘Concentrating’ is a hard-hitting slice of G-house that comes complete with its own mind-bending lyric video. The production kicks off with a sinister lurking bass line that snarls in the lower reaches of the composition, top end synth notes hanging in the upper regions like lit flares reaching out through the gloom. Rolling, tripping percussion rails up against FX-heavy stabs, the single’s seductive vocal sleazing in and out between bars.

“I feel like this track takes over the entire ‘H3nry Thr!ll’ sound,” Thr!ll commented. “I worked really hard on this track to bring my underground vibes to a more melodic record.”

The past half-year has seen Thr!ll begin to emerge as one to watch out of a new generation of young US producers. With support from the likes of Don Diablo, Oliver Heldens, Zonderling, Sleepy Tom, Anna Lunoe, BIJOU and more, the teenager has also found himself featured on key G-House and EDM playlists including EDM Sauce’s ‘New EDM 2020’, Cat Dealers’ ‘Cat House Sessions’ and DND Records’ ‘Locked Up House 2020’. For more information on set times and everything else H3NRY THR!LL, visit www.henrythrill.com . Watch the video below and don’t forget to subscribe ! - EMD Nations

"H3nry Thr!ll Talks About “The One” in Exclusive Interview"

Breaking out as an up-and-coming producer to keep a keen eye on, H3nry Thr!ll unleashes “The One” with BrokinPaper featuring Bridget Barrera, keeping in tune with his flurry of fresh tracks.

On the rise with a meteoric trajectory for his career, H3nry Thr!ll has already captivated the attention of major names in EDM, including Alesso, Don Diablo, Oliver Heldens, and more. Producing at the age of 12, performing at clubs and festivals at 15, and dropping releases at 16, H3nry Thr!ll’s career closely resembles Martin Garrix’s path in music. This latest release is an exemplary share from the American producer, displaying his diverse talent in the studio.

“The One” opens with a deep sound complemented by the slow introduction of Bridget Barrera’s vocals seeping between the notes. The song’s somber bassline captures an intimacy among each element within the song, tying the track together. Round claps interspersed throughout “The One” bring out the energy. Moreover, they pave way for a gigantic drop matched with Bridget Barrera’s vocal performance.

“The One” pivots towards a darker sound for H3nry Thr!ll as he shares the studio with BrokinPaper, amply highlighting the two’s impeccable range for tackling a mesmerizing soundscape.

In celebration of “The One” with BrokinPaper and Bridget Barrera, H3nry Thr!ll spoke with One EDM about his unique career as a growing producer and the process behind the collaboration.

Check out H3nry Thr!ll and BrokinPaper’s “The One” below or via your favorite platform.

Jillian Nguyen: First of all, thanks for doing this interview! So, what’s your story? How did you start making music at such a young age?
H3nry Thr!ll: Thanks so much for having me! I started making music when I was about 12, after I got an iPod Touch and found a music-making app on there. I was inspired then by artists like Skrillex, Martin Garrix and Don Diablo, and it slowly evolved from there into more niche artists. After a couple of years, I graduated to FL Studio and then I really started to get serious working to make the best music I could. Since then, I have been working everyday to get the best music I can out to the world and working with the coolest people along the way.

How do you balance making music and performing while still being a teenager?
I just finished high school in December, which was such a relief – haha! But my team around me has been super, super helpful in helping me balance my work with school and still going out and being a teenager. For me, it’s about finding and keeping the right balance – some days I will work on music all day and other days I will work on music a little bit and then make sure I have plans with friends or stay ahead of schoolwork.

Can you talk about your production process? What’s it like when you start a song?
I almost always start a track with drums. It’s the first instrument I learned to play, so my brain often starts there. If I can’t get the beat to knock the way I want it to, it’s a good sign the track won’t hit for me and I can let it go. With this latest release and my previous release, I tried to spend extra time on the drums to get the balance right across swinging the right way and sounding heavy, and hitting hard. After drums, my process varies from there. Sometimes I will go onto the melody or sometimes the bass, it really depends on how I am feeling that day and what strikes me then. I try to let my process flow a bit depending on how the track is coming together.

How has your sound evolved since you first started making music?
Oh boy, haha, I can honestly say it has come a long way. Just the other day, I found a bunch of my old music and it still had that “H3nry Thr!ll” style to it, but the production quality was nowhere near where it is today. Given my age and relative experience, I know it is super important for me to keep pushing the standard and quality of my music, and to continue to learn and experiment all the time. My music is definitely still evolving but I am very happy with where it is right now!

How did you connect with Brokinpaper and Bridget Barrera for “The One”? What was it like working with them?
I found BrokinPaper on Instagram and we had been DMing for a little while before we thought about working together. He posted on Instagram a snippet of a demo he was working on, which I really liked, so I reached out and asked if I could work on it a bit with him. We got a really solid demo made, and it needed a vocal, which is where Bridget came in. I got in contact with her and sent her the demo. She sent back the vocals super fast and then from there it was just a few more tweaks to the production and processing the vocals to how we wanted it to sound. To finish it, I flew out to LA, and Bridget and I finished it. BrokinPaper was super happy with the version and that’s how it came to life! The whole process of working with new and different artists is, to me, a big part of the fun.

Did you have any inspiration for this latest song? If so, can you touch on it?
I have been making club music for a while now, and I felt like I wanted to make some more chill and deep music. The rough demo I found from BrokinPaper was a really good idea of where I wanted to take my sound for my next record, so it worked perfect for the transition.

What are some major milestones that you’re proud of in your career?
Getting the support from some of my biggest musical inspirations like Alesso and Don Diablo was a really cool moment for me. Also just getting all the feedback from fans and listeners on new music is such a crazy feeling – the fact that people really enjoy something I made will never ever get old.

What’s next for you?
Well, right now with COVID still being so bad in America, mostly the current plan is to make a lot more music. I have been trying out some really weird styles and sounds recently that you will all hear before the end of this year. I have some awesome new collabs and remixes coming up too that I am wicked excited to share with everyone. Oh, and I have to decide on a college and start that in the Fall.

Do you have any advice for producers following in your footsteps?
Just keep working at it, every day. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to keep setting goals for yourself and constantly create new goals for yourself so you always have something to keep working towards. But don’t forget to celebrate along the way. Each new milestone, each new release, each new finished song. Take a moment to celebrate and remember what you are working towards.

Lastly, do you have anything else you want to share with our readers?
Thank you all so much for your continued support, and I really hope you enjoy this release with BrokinPaper and Bridge Barrera, “The One.” Also, follow my Instagram, @henrythrill, for more music and teasers coming soon – 2021 is going to be a big year for tracks from H3nry Thr!ll. - OneEDM.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Just 18-years-old, Washington DC producer and DJ H3nry Thr!ll is fast making a name for himself with his infectious brand of hard-hitting but melodic G-House. 

Honing his craft in the studio and out on the dance floor, the American teenager has been producing since the age of 12 and hustling sets at local clubs and festivals from 15. At 16 he dropped his first EP, the dark, heavy and fiercely creative ‘Portal EP’, followed in quick succession by singles ‘Hands Up High, ‘Lean’, ‘Shook’ and ‘How Does It Feel’. Just a year later and with 700k Spotify streams under his belt, H3nry’s music was making it into the record bags of A-list artists like Alesso, Don Diablo, Oliver Heldens, Blasterjaxx, Anna Lunoe, DJ Scratch, BIJOU, Zonderling, Sleepy Tom and the Italian Allstars, supporting singles ‘Into You’, ‘Down’, ‘Stay A While’, ‘Money’ and Concentrating’. H3nry has also won acclaim from a wide range of international media including Fresh Music Freaks, Musik Freitag, Broadway World, The Nocturnal Times, Dance Charts, Rockdafuqout, Vents Magazine, Rave Jungle, The Noise Gate, The Music Essentials, Groove Mag, EDM Networks and EDM Nations. The year 2020 included his debut UFO Recordz release ‘Don’t Give A…’ and several other hard hitting collaborations.  With his early promise steadily backed up by all-out delivery, this young American talent stands on the threshold of major success. 

With a new release planned each month of 2021, keep an eye on this rising bass talent.

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