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Zaisenhausen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | INDIE

Zaisenhausen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Du Nimmst mich mit"

H5N1 - Du nimmst nich mit
"You Carry Me Forward" in German,
Very kitsch-euro-rock-pop......not one that immediately grabs your attention...but very well played by the band....very tight as a unit......

United Kingdom
03.15.09 - hedprefekt

"Hey you guys"

Hey you guys

hey man i love the way German lends itself to Rock and roll;; so goodly

A lot of power in this rely enjoyed your lead player man everyone in the band seemed to play there part

My NaNNa was a Belgium so im glad to see the Quality coming out of europe in Rock and roll

Glad we all party together now days so ouse swouce Rock and Roll Brother

Luved it
Gabriel J Illuminator & tHe BaByEaTeRs
Perth Western Australia
Babyeaters@live.com CALL ME

03.21.09 - babyeaters - numberonemusic


This is some really tight tunes. I like it good stuff. -TOMMY Myspace.com/gayworldentertainment

Maryland, United States
03.15.09 - Myspace.com/gayworldentertainment

"Good start Review of "Du nimmst mich mit""

Good start
This song starts off well but doesn't seem to go anywhere. One of my problems is that I don't understand German well enough to catch the message. It sounds like a very angry song and I can get into that if I can identify with the message. I would suggest re-recording this one in English to give it a broader appeal. Either that or go off in more directions musically. Otherwise it just gets repetitious.

On the positive side, very good musicianship and vocals. Good guitar solo.

Texas, United States
03.16.09 - davekarthauser

"Review of h5n1"

Review of h5n1
Nicely done, plays well, leads lay in very good. Keep it up, looking forward to more from you.

Idaho, United States
03.14.09 - oblyqua - numberonemusic


Single:"Big Bang"
Tracks bei :http://numberonemusic.com/h5n1/



Gegründet im Jahr 2007