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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Free H8TRiD Album Feat. Delusional"

Download this shit. Its free. Its actually pretty good. And you are supporting the true underground.
- Hitchcock of Juggalonews.com

"H8TRiD Support"

H8TRiD is a rapper from Allentown who mixes sometimes-funny, sometimes-deep, but all the time real lyrics with creative samples & fresh beats. We've reviewed H8TRiD before and his newest record, the Support LP, is a mature step forward for the young and up-and-coming rapper - Pulse Weekly

"Underground News"

Check out this free album from H8TRiD & Go Download It. I'll vouch for that album, its the shit - Pope of faygoluvers.net

"Underground News"

Check out this free album from H8TRiD & Go Download It. I'll vouch for that album, its the shit - Pope of faygoluvers.net


PeR-VeRSe - Eyes Of Hate EP(2004)
PeR-Verse - Just When You Thought It Was Safe EP(2005)
Methotical -Lack-a-Days-I-Kill EP(2005)
PeR-Verse - Download This LP(2005)
Double E - Floggin' The Waggin EP(2005)
Big Cap - Capital Has Arrived(2005)
H8TRiD - Who? EP(2006)
H8TRiD - Nexxxt Level EP(2006)
REG - Melancholy Red LP(2006)
H8TRiD/Double E - Us Vs. Them LP(2006)
H8TRiD - Support LP(2007)
Ill Behavior Presents Undergrounds Finest Vol. 2(2007)
Phatal - Graphic Surgery(2007)
S2R - The Movement(2007)
H8TRiD - Surprise Entrance(2007)

Upcoming Projects/Appearences
H8TRiD - Personal Vendetta Mid-Late 2008
Murda Mic - ??? - ???
Mz. Hollywood - Welcome to Hollyhood - 2007
REG - ??? - ???
Phatal - Bubblegum Rap - 2008

Stations I've Been Played On

Streaming Music available at



H8TRiD is a solo rapper with a rock attitude from Allentown, PA. Striving to avoid sounding like the repetitive rap music on the radio today he bases his tracks on true life experiences. Well-known groups such as Bloodhound Gang, Insane Clown Posse and Bone-Thugs N Harmony give him the inspiration he needs to create sometimes-funny, sometimes-deep, sometimes-hype but always real lyrics with creative samplers and fresh beats. H8TRiD is also known for his powerful performances, in 2005 he teamed up with an emcee known as “D-RaNGD” and formed a group called PeR-Verse. The rap duo Released an EP entitled "Just When You Thought It Was Safe." After selling close to 1,000 copies of the album in early 2006 members went separate ways.

Since then H8TRiD has grown a solid fan base by booking dozens of shows across PA, NJ & OH, and has performed with national acts such as DMX, Vanilla Ice, Esham, ABK, Tali Demon, G-Child, Gonna Get Got and dozens more! H8TRiD has also played festivals such as The Gathering Of The Jugglos and Fuzetival. Earlier this year he dropped an LP entitled "Support" which included many up and coming artists in the undergroud such as Ill E. Gal, Delusional (Of Durty White Boys), Professor Fresh, D-RaNGD, and Frantik. Also H8TRiD's independent rap label, SideStream Records(S2R), just recently signed some of the biggest hip hop names in the Allentown Area. The team now includes Whitney Peyton, REG, Phatal, and Cheevo who each have their own resume of rap credit and established fan bases. Together they make up one of the most powerful musical forces in the Lehigh Valley!

As of July 2007 H8TRiD and the S2R Crew are completing a well anticipated free mix tape appropriately named "S2R: The Movement." On November 20th H8TRiD Released his first pressed solo album entitled "Surprise Entrance EP" which feat. McNastee, Dan Tha Saltine, Methotical & More big underground acts. This album is easily his best work to date and has gotten great reviews from everyone that heard it! Any questions can e-mail pvch8trid@yahoo.com. Also check H8TRiD's EPK For More Info!

Other achievements include....

Being in magazines such as Merge & Pulse Weekly

Airplay on college radio stations

Having over 150 plays per day on Myspace

Having over 1,000 downloads the first week his free album "Support" dropped

Featured artist on faygoluvers.net

Featured on REG's "Meloncholy Red" which was nominated best album of 2006 at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards

100's of t-shirts, stickers, & side-project albums sold!

For more info goto http://www.h8tridmusic.com or http://www.myspace.com/h8tridmusic