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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Dino plays the Mobius MaxTapper Quad, with four switchable Bartolini pickups, to widen his available palatte of sound. His MaxTapper Quad is standardly equipped with custom Graph Tech 'StringSaver' nut and string-saddles for a warm and smooth sound. Dino uses the non-symetrical 'Inverted-Fifths' tuning.

Tapper Dino Haak has emerged through several incarnations as one of the hardest-rocking touch-style musicians in Seattle, and regularly tours Germany as well (he sings and composes in both English and German). In the Documents Archive of the Library on this website, you can find an interview with Dino Haak, performing as FATHER, describing how he became interested in the touch-style method of play , and about other instruments he played prior to playing the Mobius Megatar.

His recordings include: The Kevorkian Cannibals EP (1997), Live Guru EP (Flash Records, 1998), Behold the Glory (Flash Records, 1999), The Retro Sounds of Tokyo (2001), FATHER (2003).

Dino says, "The Megatar Rocks!" We here at Mobius Megatar say that the feeling is mutual.
- Mobious Megatar


Behold the Glory (1999)
Father (2003)
Retro Sounds of Tokyo (2004)
Underground Haak (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Mr. Haak is a fine player.” --Trey Gunn, King Crimson
“Tasteful with excellent technique.”--Alan White, Yes
“Haak grooves.”--Don Schiff, Pat Benatar
“Truly, a songwriter’s drummer.”--Pat McGee
“Like a herd of Elephants running right at you.”--Discmakers, Unsigned Artist World Series

Dino Haak and Doc MacNab came together one cold winter afternoon in Seattle, 2005. A product of their energetic personalities, Haak-MacNab's songs are full of catchy hooks and quirky moments: both lyrically and musically.

The Haak-MacNab partnership has been like a musical Yin discovering its Yang. MacNab brings a funky, somewhat loose and jazzy interpretation to Haak’s Megatar playing and the chemistry is like flame to powder! The new songs stretch out musicality and push into ambitious territory: where progressive music meets power-pop. The duo is explosive, blinding and downright fun to listen to.

Both Haak and MacNab discovered a love of rock music very early in life and found common influences among different musical traditions around the world. Born out of the ashes of multiple international recording and live projects, both members have toured and recorded internationally as well as in the United States, playing festivals for as many as 10,000+. "Live from Beijing" finished as First Runner-Up in a theme-song submission for the American National Football League. Haak-MacNab’s international appeal and success derives from many facets: Both members share a passion for world cultures, food and music and are both multi-lingual, speaking and singing in languages such as English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French. In Europe, Asia and the US, Haak’s mastery of the Megatar as well as Doc’s style of blending multi-traditional drumset rhythms makes Haak-MacNab highly sought after.

Dino Haak hails from Bavaria, Germany and his first instrument was the accordion. Currently making his home in Seattle, but reared near the Austrian border, Dino Haak is lead vocalist of Haak-MacNab and player of the unique instrument known as the Megatar: a multi-channel, electric 12-stringed instrument with bass and guitar strings that covers a wide range of sounds and pitches--which enables Haak to play both bass and guitar lines simultaneously.

Haak´s move to the US from Germany was supported by well known names in the music industry such as Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Don Schiff (Pat Benatar), Greg Howard (Dave Matthews Band), Emmett Chapman (inventor of the Chapman Stick) and Tony Levin in the 1990's. Haak holds a Master of Arts degree in Feng Shui and is also a renown ski instructor, being presented with the honor of Ski Magazine’s Top 100 Ski Instructor’s for Youth in 2005.

A resident of Seattle, Derek MacNab hails from the American Deep South and Mid-Atlantic region. MacNab, being a one-time medic in the US Army, was dubbed “Doc” by his comrades and the moniker continues. Doc MacNab brings a deep background rich in global percussion traditions blending jazz, blues, metal, progressive, Latin and African drumming into an electrical firestorm of positively contagious physical energy on stage and in the studio, and Doc’s eclectic drumming style has found a natural home within Dino Haak’s songwriting style.

Doc currently plays a vintage Tama Artstar II drumset that once belonged to former Mr. Big drummer, Pat Torpey. For his snares, Doc uses Tama's Stewart Copeland Signature Palette as well as a vintage 5x14 birch Tama Superstar model. Doc’s cymbals are K Custom Dark, with a Paiste Signature Flat Ride and Wuhan chinas. Doc MacNab designed his own signature drumstick and is proud to have Pro-Mark manufacture it.

Everyone wants to think they are or have found the Next Big Thing. Everyone wants to discover It. Haak-MacNab IS the new rock and alternative revolution. Two men who write tight, hooky songs, with a powerful symphonic feel and head-nodding grooves ala The Chili Peppers, Rammstein, System of a Down. Funky, jazzy, emotional. Compelling.

Please also see http://www.myspace.com/haakmacnabmusic for more songs, information and a calendar.

Band Website is located at: http://www.haakmacnab.com