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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"SF Weekly"

Naming your band Habitforming is a pretty bold move -- you'd better be just that, or you're open to a raft of shit from music critics. Lucky thing these boys are onto something: fusing atmospheric mood swings with spacey guitar pop on a bed of dense samples. The underrated Seattle band Truly comes to mind, as does Pink Floyd -- at times vocalist Jethro DeHart has a decidedly Roger Waters drone. Although there are only a few tunes here -- not enough to bring about full-fledged addiction -- it's certain that more than a few poppies (or a least Vicodin) were harmed in the making of this EP. A full-length later this year will tell us if we should drift along with Habitforming or go cold turkey. Stay tuned. - Scott Wagner


Habitat released on Fedora label in 98
Slow Motion Drifiting released in 00 on Habitforming Records
New album out this summer


Feeling a bit camera shy


In an age of manufactured pop, rehashed rock, and unbridled pandering to the lowest common denominator,
Habitforming insist on cultivating their own breed of alternative music. Untainted by the standard formula of
today's music which solely bases itself on prefabricated sure shots.
Habitforming's sound can vary from slow, crawling, melodic overtones to a more raw industrial strength
noisemaking. They use a melting pot of different textures, time signatures, swanky grooves, samples, vocal
harmonies, and various tempos to lay their foundation. Dynamics are key for this band. Habitforming uses a lot
of shapes and colors in all sizes.

The San Francisco based band was born in 1997 by the bonding of two gentlemen, known as Jethro DeHart and
Damon Lee. Originally starting as just a recording project it spawned into something much more involved. The
original trio was not complete until mid 1998 when drummer Justin Gubner was committed, at which time the
began putting its montage of recorded ideas into song form and ultimately piecing together what would be their
debut CD, Habitat.
The debut CD was released in Europe on the now defunct Italian label, Fedora, in the spring of '00. A successful
6-week European club tour followed.
The band returned to the San Francisco to commence work on a new album. However, due to the suffering
induced by the long-range effects of ingesting psychedelic Czech goat cheese (after a club show in Prague), the
band went on hiatus to recuperate after the tour. During this time, Jethro continued to write and record on his
Recruiting NYC musician Brian Spector, to help with the recording/production, Habitforming began to
experiment with sonic layering. Added into the mix was former Ten Inch God's drummer Lewis McLin to replace
Justin Gubner, ushering in a new incarnation of Habitforming.
The foursome began to pile excessive amounts of recording gear into their rehearsal/recording studio, dubbed
the Habitforming Organic Lab, intent on being as self-sufficient as possible. During the next year and a half, the
band took on more ambitious projects. The band delved into Scoring/Performing pieces of music for Kunst-Stoff,
the highly regarded San Francisco modern dance troupe, Myradance Company in Philadelphia, and the Amy
Stewart Dance Company in San Francisco. The result of those collaborations was the all-instrumental release,
Slow Motion Drifting, on the band’s own label in late 2001. The album showcases the group's ability to create
ethereal textures and dreamy landscapes.
Aching to perform new material in front of a live audience the group set out on a series of club shows through out
California in the beginning of 2002, returning to the studio for more writing and pre-production.
To date, the foursome have more 20 songs in various stages of completion, which will ultimately be refined down
to a full album release followed by a tour in the summer of 2004.