habit is 4 very different guys smashing their differences together to create purely original rock, not an effort to be different, just to be. habit's aim is to bring honesty back to rock"n"roll. listen and you will understand.


bios suck... and are always a daunting task for any artist. as honestly as i can put it... habit... we are a band committed to making original rock more so than any other group we have met. i dare say where we come from individually doesn't matter as much as what just happens when you put the four of us in a room. cliches aside... after playing music for twenty-five of my thirty years... i finally found what i keep looking for. if habit should end... i'll play restaurant cover gigs in my spare time, while working the nine to five. habit is the band.


we currently have one live EP out independently.

Set List

we are most comfortable with a set no shoter than sixty minutes, preferably longer. our songs average about five minutes at the least. it takes a couple minutes to get the muscles flexing. on thaat note, practice twice a week usually runs late and long. four to six hours would be a good yardstick. nothing like working your dead end job and then driving forty-five minutes to the studio at eleven PM. if that can't make you rock your screwed.