Austin, Texas, USA

Habrok is rootsy rock n' roll broiled in a habanero blues sauce. habrok sets out in every venture to bend your mind and lift your spirit with rumbling drums, purring according, and grinding guitar.


Habrok is the newest incarnation of the young, artistic meeting-of-forces Walden and Crookston, following fruitful collaboration: first in Moscow High School nerd funk band Gorman And The Sultry Swines, followed by the legendary rock opera The Monarch and the Wilting Rose...Now, it's going to the next level...

After packing up and traveling down the cosmic highway from Idaho to Austin, Ben and Adrian were hanging out at Flipnotics for open mic when they met Preston Edmands, a man about town who was quickly drawn in by the swirling sounds of Habrok and was compelled to pick up the drum sticks for the first time in nearly a decade.

Habrok has since collaborated with a number of talented friends, including Brazilian forro band Gente Boa. It's been pretty cool...we just want to play rock n'roll and have a good time.


Luck, She Sleeps [single]

Generation XL [EP]

Set List

Relax, You're Only Lost
Seems The Less I Know
Change Your Way
Champagne & Reefer
Shine Your Love Light
O Carol
Water Mocassin
Marvin Steele
Luck, She Sleeps