Hada Quimica

Hada Quimica

 Zaragoza, Aragon, ESP
BandPopNew Age




Cuca Moreno was born in Zaragoza, Spain.

In her very early years, she studied music
in the Royal Conservatory of this town receiving lessons from
important teachers of piano, like M.Angel Tapia,
nowadays director of the Auditorium of Zaragoza,
and revealing as natural talented for music with four years.
She form her first band, called Karma, in 1996 in Mallorca,
been finalist of the Mostra de Pop-Rock of Palma in 1998.

In 1999 starts with her actual proyect "HadaQuimica", "The Chemistry Fairy"
booking the band in several contests
around all the spanish geography like Aid the Sun, Zgz 1999,
where they recieved a special mention of the jury
for innovation in pop-rock.

In 2001, HadaQuimica where booked in one of the most important
Spanish festivals ACTUAL Logroño.
HadaQuimica show was a success for critics&press,
stablishing the band as a important revelation.

After this, HadaQuimica has been involved in several projects,

specially the "LoveArth" Record,
working on each song separately making dozens of recordings
with different productions searching for a personal and unique sound.
"LoveArth" is,as well, a whole concept of sound&music&staethics.
The final result is very close to a pop-musical,
creating a journey
to the land of "LoveArth", a reflexion
about what Love is?

She starts to prepare new album,
with a more intimate atmosfera, were piano and voice are taken a prominent position.

HQ has given numerous national and international Concerts
in the most of them, playing HQSweetDj Sets after the shows:

Madrid: Moby Dick, Honky Tonk, Ritmo&Compas.
Zaragoza:Fnac, Roman Walls fiestas del Pilar, El Sol, Morrysey...
Logroño:Festival ACTUAL
Majorca:Ses VoltesPalma, San Juan Son Servera. Arizona Bay, Bullring of Inca...
Menorca: Lithica, Full Moon Festival
AIE Spain touring "En Ruta"

International Gigs:

Paris (France): Cafe Opus Club, fete de la Musique
Bruxeles (Belgique): Cafe Zen.
Cologne (Germany): Head-Club, El Txangurro
Mumbay(India): Jazz by the Bay.

Desktop publishing of single.
LP recording "LoveArth"
Studios worldwide:
Ecosonic-Madrid ,The WareHouse-Zaragoza, Atico13-Zaragoza, KStudio-Seattle(Usa)

In the recording of the cd has collaborated:
Pedro Andreu(HeroesdelSilencio, Puravida, Dab),
Ken Stringfellow(The Posies, Saltine, REM)

More recordings:

B-E-Sides, Accidental Recordings of" LoveArth",
Cover "The man I love" with the SpeechCircle in the International Jazz Festival, Zaragoza.
Cover "Autumm Leaves" with the piano player Juan Pellin.
Cover" Under the milky way" by The Church with the HQband.
Live in Cologne with the blues Band:
"Even Her Boots"
Songwritted and singed tracks for "Cafe del Mar" with "KB-Project".
Lirics Writted and singed for "UsualPhonema" by Coco Silco.

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Written By: HQ

"Dont tell me lies about the colours of the rainbow,
Dont tell me lies about the colours of the skin,
Dont show me more about the views you can see,
Dont try to save something you could never believe...

Everytime you try to tell me
everything is right,
All the world is moving faster towards a biggest lie...

We cry for fredom,
there is something,
that you never undestand.

We cry for freedom,
never looking,
always thinking all is right.

We cry for freedom,
walking faster,
too much presure in your life,
Uhh! We cry for freedom.

Dont tell more lies, dont try to give me more reasons.
Dont tell me lies about the goodness of the wind.

Every time you try to tell me,
everything is right.
All the world is moving faster towards biggest lie...

We cry for for freedom
there is something
you could never undastand
We cry for freedom
never looking
always thinking
all is right
We cry for freedom,
walking faster
too much presure in your life...

Uhh! we cry for freedom...


Written By: Cuca Moreno/HadaQuimica


Desnuda tu alma
mira a tus adentros
lucha y grita por conseguir,
el mundo en tus manos
en otras palabras
es la magia dentro de ti.
Deja que esta magia
rompa el silencio
para que asi consigas conjurar
tus miedos.
Deja que la magia
inunde tu cuerpo
para que asi consigas
alcanzar tus sueños.

Sumido en silencio,
encuentras la fuerza
y con ella todo el poder.
Tu alma se eleva
hacia el infinito
donde en la magia
podras creer.
Deja que la magia
rompa el silencio,
para que a si consigas
conjurar tus miedos,
Deja que la magia
inunde tu cuerpo
para que a si consigas
alcanzar tus sueños.
Deja que la magia
toque tus dedos
para que a si consigas
alcanzar el cielo.
Deja que esta magia
envuelva el deseo,
al fin alcanzaras
la eternidad.

Ven a Avalon.


1.Ep with 3 songs.1999.
the songs were played several weeks in Radio3 of RNE
2.Lp"LoveArth" 2001.
3. "GoaChillOut"2007
4."TierrAmor" Radio plays: "avalon" "Dont tell me lies" "karma"... Spain, Belgium, Germany

Set List

Intro, Avalon, Nomada en tus Suenos, Karma, Sombras, Una Rosa para ti, El Espejo, Contracorriente,
Dont tell me Lies, Let me be, Profecia Terciopelo.
New songs: "Wings", "No Mision",
"Rain of Salt", "Sin Prisa", "Todo esta Bien",
"Entre Delfines y Coral", "Medio Minuto"
Covers: "Loving the Alien", "The man I love", "Ordinary World", "Ich bin Ich", "Love will keep us apart"
Total: Around 1hour 45m +/- up to 2 hours