Hadouken Pandemic

Hadouken Pandemic


An electric mix of Psychedelic Rock and Indie Music. With no two songs alike they combine complex Lyrical arrangements, addictive Choruses and Face melting solos, Hadouken Pandemic is truly one of Canada's up and coming bands! All the while maintaining the one thing that matters most. Rock'n Roll!


After playing all the big Rock name places in Toronto for the past couple years, the band has decided to spread out and attack the world of music. Influenced by the true era of Rock and the likes of Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd and later bands such as Tool and Rage Against the Machine, Hadouken Pandemic brings a true Rock show to every performance. They stand apart with their amazing ability to create great and unique songs without sounding similar throughout their musical catalogue. Born on the ragged streets of Tokyo, this group of Street Kids survived on wits and musical skills. Now trained in the ancient art of Kung-Fu and Rock, they bring music to the masses with their Hadouken blasts of fireball Rock and Roll tunes.


Hadouken Pandemic EP

Set List

Typical set runs from 45 mins to 1 and a half.
Original Songs: The Ballad of Buffalo Bill, Lenore, Short Haired Beauty With a Devil's Grin, Pale Horse, The Flock, Playing in Shadows, Dirty Girl, London Air, Never Swim Alone, Run Rebel Run, Red to Black,.

Covers: Killing In the Name Of, Lover Call, London Calling, Hey Man Nice Shot, Red,