Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

On stage or in the street, the "HAÏDOUTI" develops the art of cultural encounters : let’s imagine the mixed energies of a Turk, a Gipsy from Serbia, a Greek from « la Rue de la Roquette », a bulgarian, followed by french musicians brought up with balkanic sounds since their childhood !


ZĂŠki Ayad CHOLASH (Turkey) : Voice, saz (stage)
Jasko RAMIC (Serbian Gypsy) : Accordion
Sylvain DUPUIS (France) : Tapan, drum
Krassen LUTZKANOV (Bulgaria) : alto saxophone, kaval
Yann MARTIN and/or Martin SACCARDY (France) : Trumpet
GaĂŤl FAJEAU (France) : Sousaphone
Manel GIRARD, Charlotte AUGER or Alon PEYLET (France) : Tuba
Pierre RIGOPOULOS (Greece) : Davul, derbouka, percussions

From now on, the brass band breaks into Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey.. pushes farther to the East (Dogu), exploring the repertoires of Azera, Kurdish, Syrian-Lebanese and Armenian musics.

They revisits the huge musical legacy from the Ottoman empire in Europe, in a jubilant quest for the common spirit of these musics from the Mediteranean Sea. The Hadouti Orkestar gives us a new perspective of the Balkans.

In the audience, they dance til losing breath, they laugh, they dream, they shiver

Set List

1) Boki
2) Dounasko oro
3) Osman
4) Ayn el moulayytiin
5) Bahchelere
6) Gezelim
7) Romano reggae
8) Tayfa
9) Bint el chalabiya
10) deri Alar
11) Duchmanya
12) Niska Banja
13) Ibrahim
14) Plavo kolo
15) Tek Tek

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