Southfield, Michigan, USA
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Well I am my own Writer/Producer/Performer my music is mainly R&B and Hip-hop/Rap but Its also a little techno. I wouldn't say I am the best yet but I am better than I used to be.


I was born a Jamaican but I was raised mainly in Detroit and Brooklyn so I am really a mix of cultures. My first influences were eminem, Ludacris, and T.I. My favorite singer though has to be Maxi Priest .After that I just loved music and started making songs for my girlfriend (whoever she was at the time) after a while I just started doing it just for fun and I enjoy making music. I would say what sets me apart is the fact that I do everything my self from the producing to recording, writing and editing.


Celestial being

Written By: Theo Aka $hadow

Miss lil lady
i have to say
that i love when u call me baby
love the way u say it
love how you claim me
love how u tame me
i must say u are my celestial being

I got to be fresh
but u are fresher
together we the best
no one can be the contender
im not the pretender
be my lady and ill be your hearts mender
fix what is broken and be the protector

you sweeter than iced tea
you make the sun look icy
its surprising u crispier than i be
u got me paralyzed by the look in your eyes
i see
or now i can say i have saw
that together we can be on top of it all
take a chance to dive into it
and we can never regret it
only if u never tried it at all

you can be my angel princess
my celestial being
you give the world a whole new meaning
all i can see is that your reaching
a place in me that i have only dreamed, of
be my reality and we can be a
one of a kind unbreakable dou
like a subwoofer and a tweaker
like chicken and fried rice
like a popeyes with sprite
nothing is better than that
and thats why
if u want i can be in your life


just visit my page that is a lot to type