Kang Eun Il is a world reknowned Haegum artists and is the forerunner of the style of crossover music which combines traditional Korean music with non-traditional genres. Performing solo or with her 9 member ensemble, Haegumplus, Kang Eun Il brings memorable musical experiences to her audiences.


Haegum Plus’s artistic goals have always been to push the envelope of melding traditional Korean music with non-traditional genres.

Alongside the Yoshida Brothers of Japan and the Twelve Girls Band of China, Kang Eun-Il’s HaegumPlus is emerging as one of the most prominent musical groups representing Asia using their indigenous instruments. Kang Eun Il &
HaegumPlus use Korean traditional music as their text and express pure crossover music that spans across time and place. The music displays the Haegum's global potential and universal appeal, translating its originally rough tonal sound into a
new music full of beautiful melodies and great temperance. The resulting musical experience is like the unfolding of a beautiful lyric poem.

A musical pioneer using the Haegum to create a distinctive brand of crossover music, featured haegum artist Kang Eun-Il has performed with world
renowned artists and groups such as Bobby McFerrin, Luciano Pavarotti, Yoshida Brothers, Salta Cello, NHK Orchestra, and the KBS Korean Traditional Music
Orchestra. She has made tremendous contributions to the popularization and globalization of the Haegum and has opened up a whole new genre for this
versatile instrument as never been heard.
Kang Eun-Il is the recipient of several prominent recognitions, including the KBS Korean Traditional Music Grand Prix, the Korean National Assembly
Culture and Media Grand Prix, the Korean Culture and Art Committee Award, and South Korea’s Ministry Culture and Tourism Artist Award, etc. Kang Eun Il's
performance of modern composers' work, combining the Haegum with Western orchestra, classical guitar, piano, violin, viola and cello, has been received with
great acclaim and has lead her music to be featured in the acclaimed filmmaker Kim Ki-Duk’s film ‘The Bow’ (2005).


Ancient Futures, Kang Eunil Vol. 1
Remembering the Future, Kang Eunil Vol. 2

Set List

Arirang, traditional folk song, arranged by Kang Eunil and Haegumplus

Sky Bulls, composer: Shin Chang-Ryul

Chosu-daeyeop, composer: Ryu Hyeong-Seon

Wong-i-jarang (Chejus Lullaby), composer: Ryu Hyeong-Seon

Circus, composer: Shin, Hyun-Jeong

Ancient Futures, composer: Ryu Kyeong-Seon

Air on the G-string, composer: J.S. Bach, arranged by Kang Eunil & Haegum Plus

Libertango & Cranes, composer: Astor Piazzolla & Iosif Kabzon, arranged by Kang Eunil & Haegum Plus

A Wet Haegum with Rain, composer: Ryu Hyeong-Seon

Hey ya, composer: Ryu Hyeong-Seong