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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Pop Electronic




"Solo Electronic Project Haelphon Creates Captivating Soundscapes In New Album “Haelphonics”"

Haelphon is the solo electronic project of Zach Ciampa, combining notable influences such as Avicii, Kygo, and Drake to create a sound that we’ve never heard before. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Haelphon uses honest songwriting and finely-calibrated production work to create soundscapes that are becoming known around the globe. Haelphon’s songs were featured in a variety of commercial projects for companies like Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom, and Contiki. Active since 2017, Haelphone has developed an impressive catalog of versatile tracks. His debut album “Haelphonics” was released in September of 2019 and truly showcases Haelphon’s vocal and production abilities in a different light.

The 12-track album “Haelphonics” is a documentation of the artist’s transition into early adulthood using authentically honest songwriting and layered soundscapes. “Black Death” is a complex and satisfying single that benefits hugely from the way that Haelphon’s voice meshes with itself to create a warm and satisfying pad of sound, which elevates the chorus to something quite delicious. The whole production of “Black Death” sounds hugely confident at every turn. This composition is also all about the vocals, and they are terrific. His voice is all his own, and“Black Death” is a warming and wonderful slice of pop that delights, has great dynamics, and is very well mixed and produced to complement his talents. - BUZZMUSIC

"Haelphon Premieres Haelphonics and Proves There's Beauty in Honest Pop"

If you’re honest, you like pop music.

There’s a reason it’s popular music, right? At its best, it’s catchy, relatable, and absolutely a ton of fun. It’s designed to be those things, and I love it for that.

But the drawback of pop music is that it can also feel staged. Because it’s built to be relatable, it can quickly backslide into cliche, take on a sterile emptiness like it was designed in a lab, or evoke a sugary sweetness that tastes unnatural and unsatisfying.

It can feel flat.

But it doesn’t have to. And my favorite pop songs – the ones that last past the end of the summer – aren’t flat. Actually, they’re deep.

That’s what’s striking about Haelphon’s music, and about Haelphonics, the debut full length that’s premiering today. It’s catchy, it’s relatable, but it’s all arriving from an honest personal place, and because of that there’s depth from the opening track to the final notes. - Two Story Melody

"Reaching New Height w/ Haelphon"

In this episode, Mazement shares some of the latest music industry news that caught his attention, as well as introduces a new segment, titled "Let's Get Technical". He then introduces an all-new Artist On Call with Haelphon and closes out the show with a Release Feast. - Music Mondays w/ Mazement


Haelphonics [LP] (2019)
Yuppie [LP] (2021)



Fusing together unusual musical styles is what Haelphon does best. Echoing iconic artists ranging from Avicii to Mac Miller, the twenty-four-year-old Boston-born, NYC-based artist has managed to develop an incomparable electronic sound through continuous experimentation, while still building a brand based on unique stylistic fluidity and authenticity.

After emerging in 2016 with his debut single The People I Love featuring Canadian singer AML, Haelphon would release music along a tropical house arc for three years, until the delivery of his first full-length album ‘Haelphonics’ in 2019. Haelphonics, self-declared by the title artist as a half-baked production, stood as a solid concept of how far he could truly take electronic experimentation in the modern era.

 In recent years, his expansive catalog of tracks has brought credits for an array of global media, including placements on many of America’s television networks and in promotional spots for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, ultimately proving that his untraditional sound continues to hold true commercial viability.

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