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"Give an emotion to Disneyland"

Disneyland Resort was welcoming Hi-Seoul Art Troupe.
an organization that seeks to convery the beauty of Korea
culture with performence.


Hi-Seoul Art Troupe showed various performence from 10:45 AM to 5:15 PM at Pacific International stage in Disney's California adventure from June 9-15 in 2008.
The first day of showcase, Hi-seoul Art Troupe performed Whakwan dance.
Fan dance. Samul-nori and Fusion Korean traditional music.

Mr. Jee Yun Sung. the President of Hae-Ra inc. and the leader of Hi-Seoul Art Troupe. said at
"Although this is first-time performance at disney.
the performance could be successful because of positive response of spectators"

2008 Hi-Seoul Art Troupe performance was sponsored by Seoul City and the thirty-one
performers performed fusion Korea music as well as traditional Korean music.

Mr. Park Jong Soo. The staff of Korea Tourism Organization, said that,
"Cultural Art performance is the most effective way to inform the beauty of Korean
Culture to foreigners"

Beat Circle

Scot Taner, the director. said that,
"Fantastic music and dance.
gorgeous clothing are wonderful.
Eventhough this is the first korea traditional music performance at Disney.
we want to have these kinds of performances continuisly because of wonderful respons of spectators"

- Korea Daily News

"Korean troupe in Disneyland"

Is this image released by Disneyland, actor Daniel Dae Kim of the ABC series,
"Lost" poses with members of Hi-seoul Art Troupe from Seoul, Korea following a performance of the 2008 performing Arts Showcase at Disney's California Adventure
in Anaheim, Calif. June 9. In celebration of the Year of the Mouse, Disneyland Resort is welcoming Hi-Seoul Art Troupe, an organization that seeks to convery
the beauty of Korea culture with performance from june 9 - 15.
- AP-association


1. Opening Music(Gilnori)
2. Jamyung-ko
3. Theme of strings family
4. Musical performance of ghosts
5. Theme of percussion family
6. Sound of ancient times
7. Sang-mo performance by Saemachi
8. Musical performance by Saemachi and ghosts
9. Infiltration of Jeong-reong
10. Duel with Jeong-reong
11. Badger game
12. Musical performance of stings and percussion families
13. Fan-dance of ghosts
14. Recollection of Jamyung-ko
15. Confrontation of ghosts and percussion family
16. Harmony
17. Korean traditional music arranged to nightclub music version(Curtain-call)



Hae-Ra Inc. is believing that our sounds and movements have the power to make this world to be one.
We¡¯ve walked through the long and winding road with only one belief that someday, our sounds and sweats would give emotions to world¡¯s people.
Through ¡°Corea Rhapsody¡± performance, Hae-Ra Inc. is going to tell you that this would could be one.
Through the 100 minutes magic time of Korea traditional music performance, let us think the real meaning of harmony.
Namely, a family and another family , sound and sound, old things and new things , laughter and deep emotion and actors and visitors those things will be together and made to be one.
After the performance, visitors will be realized that only faith and harmony can overcome any difficulties today.
" Corea Rhapsody " is going to be produced for drawing attention of global people as well as Korean people.
We sure that " Corea Rhapsody " will be one of the best performance ever because we are ready for everything.
- 2008 Hi Seoul Korea Showcase in Disneyland
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