Haferflocken Swingers

Haferflocken Swingers

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Haferflocken Swingers is a Colorful bunch of great characters playing a mix of Swing, balkan grooves and rock'n'roll. A spiced up jazz quintet in the legacy of Louis Prima, Charles Mingus, Sindney Bechet... This band has been around and knows the craft of live entertaining.


This band has a lot to say, a lot to Show and trying to describe their energy on the paper can only be attempted. Les Haferflocken Swingers is a very unique swing band based in Berlin since 2002. Smoking hot jazz, dirty blues, Balkan grooves and the spirit of Rock’n’ Roll. Not only for the ears but for the eyes too, this musical kitchen is cooking up some spicy sounds with a side of theatrics.
From the beginning, the founders of the band developed a very authentic spirit. Always close to the roots of jazz, they started with traditional tunes from New Orleans but most definitely with a Berliner punk/rock feeling. Many musicians formed the band throughout the years expanding its repertoire to Klezmer and Balkan music as well.
Since 2005, the current members have given a new impulse to the band with original compositions and an excellent show on the stage; “Each time an uninhibited explosion of good vibes and spontaneity!” (Tagesspiegel Berlin, 07.11.2006)”.
The way they met has a lot to do with luck unless it was meant to be. It is mostly by playing in public pretty much anywhere, anytime that the members got to know each other and play together. Still now, this spirit is fundamental and is a life-style as much as a way to promote their music. That is the reason why one goal of the band as always been to make its music travel to face different publics and cultures (*). Besides concerts and street performances the group has taken part in many side projects such as theatre pieces, cabaret and short films.


For a more exhaustive list and a free listening of this rare recordings, feel free to go to the music archive section of our website.
2003: The cat came back
2004: Nagazaki Stomp
2005: Huntin’ down Rambo in Texas
2006: Smells like Jazzmen (rel. Berlinjazz.org)
2007: Nightbirds (rel. Berlinjazz.org)

Set List

A standard Live set is about 90 min long and contains mostly Original songs from the last three Albums and also other pieces that haven't been recorded.
The main direction is Big band Swing with sometimes 60's Jazz influences, Balkan sound, and Soul/Rock'n'roll. Basically only the best party stuff.
There are also Cover mostly played in the form of original medleys and arrangements ("Lucile", "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", various traditional Jazz standard).