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"HAFLIFE cd release show was AWESOME"

HAFLIFE cd release show was AWESOME.
If you're a fan of industrial you need to add this "BOOTYCORE" cd to your collection. Not only will you be getting great music, you're be supporting our local music.
I feel that we as Detroiter's are spoiled. We've had great music coming out of our area for a loooong time. Motown, Electronic, The resurgence of garage bands, all started here. With all that history, we tend to forget the bands that stay because they want too. They love it here. We should return that love.

HAFLIFE is one of those bands.
Show your love and get their new cd. - MOTOR CITY BLOG

"As a rocker and a doctor, he's all about commitment"

His story is not exactly Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but Jamie Hall definitely has two halves to his life. Ironically, one half is fronting the dark rock band HafLife. In the other he's a family practice doctor at Detroit's largest public health clinic, where he's the physician in charge.

What's consistent in both his half-lives is that Jamie Hall is a rebel. As a doctor, the 42-year-old could have a cushy suburban practice, but he chooses to serve the poor and uninsured in the Third World health care conditions of urban Detroit. He eschews the white lab coat in favor of leisure suits found at urban clothiers. He doesn't hide the punk rock hair, complete with little bleached blond tufts that look like horns, although he does replace some of his pierced earrings with flesh-colored plugs for the office.

"I get up and go to work and I put on basically the equivalent of a costume or an outfit to do what I need to do. It's the same thing when I go on stage. And work is just another stage; that's all it is," says Hall. "You can be sincere, and you can be very good at what you do. It's not living a lie. But it's another stage, another performance. And I love to perform -- and I'm good at doing it."

Even as a rocker he's a bit on the fringe. No straight-ahead rock for singer/songwriter Hall. On his trophy from the 2004 Detroit Music Awards, HafLife is called Best Industrial band, but his music doesn't really fit the genre, combining elements of funk, punk and heavy metal and definitely courting the dark side. To deal with the descriptive quandary the band calls their music "bootycore," a tongue-in-cheek swipe at "hardcore" and "horrorcore" as genre monikers.

As a physician, he's pretty low-key, but his dedication is evident in the amount of time and effort he puts into it. He works five days a week at his Detroit clinic, one day at a rural clinic in Ionia and half a day each week at the Wayne County jail. It's hard to imagine how he fits in band practice, performing and the occasional deejay job. "My work week is six to seven days, sometimes more. I have the ability to bend the time-space continuum," Hall laughs, then says a little more seriously, "I don't sleep much and I don't have kids."

His own childhood was spent in East Detroit (now Eastpointe), though he now calls Detroit's Indian Village home. "My mother was a platinum blonde bombshell, and my father was a biker," Hall says. "But he was a really super-intelligent biker, so it was pretty strange." And it seems to have rubbed off. "I've been a strange boy since I was born," he says.

As family practice doc to poor and uninsured patients, Hall is a jack of all trades, hitting medical areas from gerontology to pediatrics and wound care -- everything but major trauma. "It's the most frustrating, humbling, rewarding experience all in one day," he says. "I've walked into work some days smiling, happy, then on the verge of taking all my diplomas, throwing them in a box and walking out the door, and then being thankful that it was the best day I ever had -- all in an eight-hour period. It's pretty amazing.""


"HAFLIFE - NIGHTCRAWLER (Urban legends Detroit)"

"....but how could I convince every reader that the band's 'Nightcrawler' album was worth checking out without giving them a bouncy body part? Happily, the record is an infectious, groovin' slice o' cool that, when slipped into the hellish hi-fi recommends itself with ease." - UBER ROCK, UK


"A ranting nightcrawler out for some bootycore Haflife’s music sounds like it’s written in their historic Detroit home. The wizardry located in their art-house hideout offset by a matte-black, 60’s era Cadillac droptop sitting in front. If the Cadillac isn’t there, it should be. Pushing steel ‘til the red eyes drift away. I admit it, I’m in love with...no...I’m addicted to Booty Core. Music that Lead Ranter MD 20/20 describes as “…the bastard hybrid between Old Skool industrial and 70’s funk/R&B.” I'm not going to tell you again~get out of the car. It’s 3am at a Berlin Goth party and I need to hear “NightCrawler.” Again. Really, this is the last time. Ok, please play it again. " - GOTHIC GIRL ART MAGAZINE - Berlin, DE


EPO2 - 2001
SIN & TONIC - 2007

Exclusive ReverbNation downloads:
WARNING SHOT ft. Meredith Lorde - 2012
D=MC2 - 2012



For nearly a decade, HafLife has dominated the local and regional scene with their unique brand of Industrial/Funk/Rock. Affectionately known as "BootyCore", their one of kind live shows are a visual and aural assault and a spectacle that is not to be missed.

Forged from Motor City industrial muscle and old skool funk, HafLife continues to redefine the live muzak/stage show experience. Their ferocious approach has resulted in being nominated or winning in the "outstanding industrial artists" category at the annual Detroit Music Awards every year of their existence.

HafLife is a festival favorite, performing at such events as Detroit's famed Theatre Bizarre, Tastefest and the Stars and Stripes Festival to name only a few. HafLife is a favorite of the biker crowd. They are also the official band of the world-reknowned custom chopper builder, Chop Doc's Choppers. HafLife have performed at numerous bike events such as The Big Mountain Run in Tennessee, Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota and Daytona Bike Week.

HafLife and or their music, has been featured on Wolfman Mac's Chiller Theatre, television commercials for Noir Leather, extreme sports videos, the ABC series "Detroit 187", video games as well as several independent films including Bruce Campbell's, "Hatred of a Moment".

HafLife live is like a B-movie horror dance party at the drive-in. COUNTING DOWN...ONE LIFE AT A TIME.