Hagatha's Bluff

Hagatha's Bluff


Classified as central Ohio's Best kept secret. And it's time to let the SECRET OUT! Performing powerful,emotional,fun ROCK N ROLL that will draw you into our world of insanity and turn around and bite you in the ...Hmmmm


Hagatha's Bluff is a grass roots self promoted 4piece original / cover power pop rock band, hailing from a small quaint town in OHIO. As polished performers,Hagatha's Bluff has been rocking venues,clubs and festivals all around the northern region of Ohio since 2001. Their powerful,emotional high energy stage show has managed to captured audiences of all ages every time they take the stage. Their penetrating, soulful originals seem to draw you into their world of insanity and turn around and bite you in the Hmmm! Believing in their hearts that it's all about making people feel the way they do.The band knows if they're having a good time, so will their audience. It's all about having F.U.N......Life is to damn short....


Currently finishing up our debut CD.
"Kicked to the Curb" to be released in the winter of 2009.We do have a 4 song demo circulating.
We are currently being heard on Fox 102.3 Mansfield,Ohio.

Set List

Our sets range from 45 miniutes to an hour depending of course.We can cover all original shows or all cover shows but we prefer a little of both.Variety is the spice of life.
We have the ability to play power sets with NO breaks in between songs
We can cover anything from Pat Benatar,
Joan Jett ,Blondie,Donna Summer,
Melissa Etheridge,White Stripes,Billy Idol,
Neil Young,Ac/Dc,Chuck Berry,Judas Priest,Elton John,Hole,Kill Hannah,Lenny Kravitz
And throw in our own originals in between such as songs like Snooze Ya Looze which is one of our a biggest requests.
Damn Time,Shadow of hurt,Friend I'll never know,To Whom it may concern,A little blues tune called As Far As We Can Go and yet another crowd favorite PARTY SONG.