Haggard Beat

Haggard Beat


Its the type of music that'll grab you by the britches, push you across the stompin floor, and work you over with a "know it all" smile


Rolling straight outta downtown Hagsville, the Haggard Beat boys are a spit-shinin' example of what mothers have been warning their children about for generations - Hag Rock - but their combination of hootin', hollerin', stompin' blues creates a chaotic groove that even the loudest protesting mother can't refuse. When the Haggard Beat looses themselves on the unsuspecting public, these boys never fail to give birth to a hillbilly conniption so hagtastic you might think you've caught the holy spirit.


"First Stop Hagsville" 09
1 Boys Night Out
2 Paddy McGee
3 Alberta Skies
4 Hot Dang' Darling
5 Saint Valentine
6 Promise Over Yonder
7 Alabama Hound
8 Good Life
9 Love vs. Luck
10 Slow Sunday
11 Ballad of calico Jack

Set List

Boys night Out
Love vs. Luck
Saint Valentine
Alberta Skies
Slow Sunday
Hot Dang' Darling
Paddy McGee
Bad Habits
Artwood Cain

Boris the Spider
Little Green Bag
These Boots
New Speedway Boogie
Foggy Notion
Run for your Life
Drive My Car
Looking Out My Backdoor
Strumming in the belly
Cant buy me love
Learning to love
Good Lovin'