If you were to ask us what style we were, the first word out of our mouth would be unique. I am not saying unique as in weird or awkward. I mean it is a mixture of pop rock, hard rock, and christian. If you were to mix Mayday Parade, Emery, and Relient K, you get Hagin.


Hagin started as a small side project two month's ago in Braxton's spare room. We started jamming out with some ideas that we all had and had a sweet melody going. Then Jon came into the picture looking for a new band to be in. After that, the four of us started practicing in our local church and wrote five songs quickly. We then recorded our five current songs at a small studio in Milwaukee and are starting to book shows around the country.


My Heart Is A City

Written By: Hagin

(Verse 1)
My hope is in your loving hands,
That lift me up and help me stand,
I’m chasing after faith and patience.
This is the sweet sounds in my ears
A melody I long to hear
I love it when you say my name
(Bridge 1)
My heart’s a city, that never sleeps
Alive to thrive on your every word
(Bridge 2)
Every breath you breathe deep
Won’t you think of me
I can feel your heartbeat
With every word you speak
(Verse 1)


The New Side Of Life EP

Set List

Fourteen Blocks - 3 min
For A Lifetime - 4 min
My Heart's A City - 4 min
The One Who Got Away - 5 min
The New Side Of Life - 4 min