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"KYUSS reborn… in Ireland?"

Yep… apparently it's true. While many Irish metal bands from THIN LIZZY to CRUACHAN to even PRIMORDIAL do their fair share of sprinkling folk elements from their homeland into their tunes, HAIEETA are 100 percent pure KYUSS-worshipping stoner metal that's guaranteed to get folks banging heads and lighting fatties. Now while the authenticity is great, from the prerequisite guitar fuzz to the John Garcia mimicking of vocalist Dimi, the most important thing is that the songs are most certainly here. While there are only six of them on this EP, they're all quite accessible and at times damn catchy. The best example would be "Dragonflies Terrain" with a chorus that speaks more volumes than any PAIN OF SALVATION album: "Ooh… ah… yeah… rat-tat-tat-a-tah!" What else does a stoner rock fan need?

To set themselves apart from the countless other stoner rock bands we review, these guys add a more-than-welcome punk edge to the mix. Sure, there's the near 15 minute unadulterated doom metal closer "Residual Hill", but two tracks before that we have the upbeat stomper "White Knuckle" to prove this band ain't no one trick pony. It's going to be interesting what HAIEETA can come up with come their proper full-length debut, but if they can maintain the hooks and versatility, there's going to be a lot more fuzz to come from these guys!

- Peacedogman.com


When the first cut "Dragonflies Terrain" kicks in you feel like a freakin' Giant is approaching with his large footsteps making a thuderous sound with each approaching step. The Irishmen know what "Heavy" means, there's no doubt about that. They also know how to come up with catchy licks and generally write good songs. In all honesty, these 6 songs are stronger than most signed bands with a similar sound... so what's the hold up for the labels? I have a feeling that being from Ireland maybe keeps them from the scene, it's hard enough to tour in your own country, but to get an audience for this style, you may have to go to Europe. I'm sure I'm not the only one that notices the potential this band has in the Stoner Metal scene, so sooner or later more people are going to hear about this band.
- rockhardplace.com


"MVEMJUNS(P) is a cool ep and i like the general spirit of the music of Haieeta.If you like to listen to doom and stoner have a look on this cd and support this new Irish combo.If they can follow this road their first album should be really interesting.We're not in front of the perfect album from Haieeta,let's keep an eye on them then." - Metalstorm.ee

"Lots of fuzz....."

"This 6 track ep kicks off with a solid metal track"Dragonflies Terrain"a strong if repetitious rhythm and lots(and lots and lots)of fuzz.Heavy metal with a strong stoner nod.
"Freeze the flame"gets heavier,while retaining the stoner fuzz,so verges on doom before the extreme and fast take off.It's not a sound you'd expect from an Irish band but they carry it off well.
"Haunted Gangster"is uptempo nodding at 90'sindie rock all within the fuzz and stoner remit" - getreadytorock.com

"High Hopes...."

Okay this is gonna be crazy;a band and album name of which i really don't know what they mean and 6 songs that altogether last over 38 minutes.At forehand I know that it will be different from the bulk I review.The band's name is Haieeta and the album is called "Mvemjuns(p)".It sounds Scandinavian but the band hails from beautiful Ireland.
The band shows itself for what it really is;a filthy mix of sludge(the bigger part)and rock n' roll,tuned in at a sound that reminds me a bit of the seventies sound in D.
This is music to experience live in a dark bar or a small venue.What strikes me is that Haieeta is not immediately to be recognized as an Irish band,something which is typical in the case of for instance the Irish pagan or doom bands like Primordial,Mael Mordha or Mourning Beloveth.
Although the ep starts to grow song by song and each time I play it(especially closing"Residual Hill"is great)they are still just a step away from impressive,whichwould bring them into the league of great stoner bands.It is still a bit too predictable,but I have high hopes for the future and the next release. - Vampire Magazine

"Heavy and Groovy..."

"This Irish band have a real potential with their own brand of stoner metal,offering heavy and groovy tunes backed by a decent vocalist tonewise" - deathmetal.be


Ballistic-self released ep may 06
MVEMJUNS(P)-ep released through Realize Records oct 07
Neutral Cryptum(Split 12"vinyl)Due for release may 08
Four of our tracks recieve continual radio airplay Snap Ballistic,B.S.B,Dragonflys Terrain and Haunted Gangster



The name Haieeta comes from a phoenetical play on vowels that means something different to everyone.It comes from Haieeta's collective love of linguistics.The name of the ep MVEMJUNS(P),comes from the first letter of the planets from the sun out.Pluto is in brackets as on the 24th of august 2006 it was declassified as a planet.To us it is still a planet.We originated from late night fucked up fuzzed out jams between Niall and Colm many moons ago deep in the Irish countryside.The jams expanded to include some of our close friends David,Donal and Briain and thus Haieeta was born!
With a band name such as ours we have been misinterpreted as everyting from a Finnish folk band to a kvlt one man extreme black metal project.Needless to say these are two genres that we for the most part dont participate in
We have played with legendary london doomsters Orange Goblin on their 2007 Irish tour.We are different to other bands due to the fact that we all play each others instuments better than we play our own and we know it