Haieetas music can be described as heavy and groovy and at times darkly atmospheric.It is the sound of 5 like minded individuals jamming in a small smoke filled room until the drink runs out


The name Haieeta comes from a phoenetical play on vowels that means something different to everyone.It comes from Haieeta's collective love of linguistics.The name of the ep MVEMJUNS(P),comes from the first letter of the planets from the sun out.Pluto is in brackets as on the 24th of august 2006 it was declassified as a planet.To us it is still a planet.We originated from late night fucked up fuzzed out jams between Niall and Colm many moons ago deep in the Irish countryside.The jams expanded to include some of our close friends David,Donal and Briain and thus Haieeta was born!
With a band name such as ours we have been misinterpreted as everyting from a Finnish folk band to a kvlt one man extreme black metal project.Needless to say these are two genres that we for the most part dont participate in
We have played with legendary london doomsters Orange Goblin on their 2007 Irish tour.We are different to other bands due to the fact that we all play each others instuments better than we play our own and we know it


Dragonflies Terrain

Written By: Haieeta


Soaked and frozen to the bone
Take the territory and make it home
Not to be visiting /but here to stay
Be a work of genius to seize the day

Chorus: ooh aah yeah
Rat tat tat a taa

It’s a privilege to share this moment.
Makes it more thrilling with percussion movement
So throw down the gauntlet and let the jousting begin
If the bloodline is to be safe…..have to win


Fight to the death is the only way
Halt all activity with aggressive display
Lie low after taking territory by force
No way in hell gonna leave the surface



Ballistic-self released ep may 06
MVEMJUNS(P)-ep released through Realize Records oct 07
Neutral Cryptum(Split 12"vinyl)Due for release may 08
Four of our tracks recieve continual radio airplay Snap Ballistic,B.S.B,Dragonflys Terrain and Haunted Gangster

Set List

1.Snap Ballistic
2.Rock n'Roll Habit
4.Plan B(886)
5.Year of the Dog
6.Dragonflys Terrain
7.Freeze the Flame
8.Haunted Gangster
9.White Knuckle
10.Telepathic Love
11.Residual Hill
13.Close to malice
14 Neutral Cryptum
Our sets vary from about half an hour to over an hour and a half depending on where we are on the bill and how many bands we are playing with