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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | INDIE

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | INDIE
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Incognito Orchestra (2010)
Couvert (2011)
Cortesia da Casa (2012)



Instead of heavy bases that have become inherent in the rap for a long time, prefers to adopt Haikaiss rhymes that look more like a whisper on the weight of the past. The group fits precisely in the concept of modern rap: letters less aggressive but no less reflective, more acclimated beats and understated but no less danceable.

Straight from the North Zone of São Paulo, arrives Haikaiss: SPVIC formed by the trio, and DJ Spinardi Qualy, the group makes a rap that nobody else does today. The rhymes and beats on songs like "Spoiling Plants" are so soft that you even forget that rap beats usually have voracious and combative speeches.
That vibe "below the radar", the rhymes of Haikaiss accompany the volume of the beat with voices that are almost whispered into the microphone. The cleaning that results from this combination is a rap that involves you in a unique way in the national music: you travel on the beats and hear every word of the letter, said carefully through the speaker.

The tranquil flow of the boys slides in samples ranging from tropical Sabotage instruments that leave you very confused about where this music comes from - or where it is taking you. The theme of the songs walks between politics and seduction - they can describe every detail of a wonderful woman, a track, and cite Dilma on the other.

I met the group when I was giving a presentation of the John Legend & the Roots at the Urban Music Festival. They were trading a small compilation, Cover, with some tracks from the mixtape Photography A Moment Incognito Orchestra and the hard, packed in a paper at an affordable price.

As I checked later, the selection was very well done and serves as the port of entries to venture into the most recent album, Incognito Orchestra, released this year by Ésseponto.Records. To follow the news of the group, visit the official blog Haikaiss.

Texts: (For Raoni Marqs | Club Glória - Victor Oliveira | Ésseponto Records - James Ferreira | Na Mira do Groove)