Chris Devine

Chris Devine

 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Acoustic-alternative folk-rock with a Celtic influence, strong songwriting and passion.


Chris grew up on the classic folk singers and songwriters of the '60s and '70s, then spent much of his teen-hood in the company of many of the finest folk and traditional musicians of Scotland, Ireland and England as they passed through, or spent time in, Arizona.

Combine this with his abiding love during his formative years for '80s British new wave, alternative and techno-pop music and you get a good idea where he's coming from: An abiding love for a great melody and a passion for thought-provoking and heart-wrenching, well-crafted lyrics.

He first made a name for himself in Arizona as a singer and multi-instrumentalist in the acclaimed local folk-rock trio Haiku Rd., which appeared at countless local clubs, pubs and other venues, as well as the McDowell Mountain Music Festival, PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and the Arizona Irish Festival.

Delving deeper into the Celtic side of things, Chris moved on to the Celtic folk trio Inis for a couple years, who were in heavy demand at pubs and cultural events around the Valley and Northern Arizona.

But he wanted to get back to -his- roots as a performer with a broad repertoire and even broader tastes, so he's taken things solo and offers up 20+ years of songwriting and instrumental experience with engaging and tuneful, sometimes confessional songs and a bag full of fantastic known and unknown cover and traditional songs.

He's also presently at work forging his next music venture, Brass Monk, combining his love for sounds electronic and industrial with the emotional exuberance and tunefulness of folk music through the centuries.

He also plays clarinet with Desert Overture, the Phoenix-based GLBT concert band, and occasional bass guitar with Desert Overture's offshoot jazz combo.


Haiku Rd. (1996): Debut folk trio album by Hadrian's Wall, made up primarily of Chris Devine's original compositions
Preparation H(aiku) (2005): Ltd. edition compilation of early material, with Haiku Rd.
If Not Tonight (Aug. 2006): Debut studio album, with Haiku Rd.

Set List

A strong repertoire of literally dozens of original songs and a handful of English, Scottish and Irish traditional songs. My cover material usually draws from contemporary American folk singer-songwriters and '80s and '90s New Wave/Alternative.