Haiku Salut

Haiku Salut

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Three mute girls blending folktronica and neo-classical baroque using accordions, glockenspiels, ukuleles, pianos, loopery and laptopery. They have been likened to artists including Amiina, Yann Tiersen and múm (the early years).


Haiku Salut are a Derbyshire-based instrumental trio that use accordions, ukeleles, glockenspiels, pianos, loopery and laptopery to create a soundscape that has been likened to early múm, Detektivbyrån and the soundtrack to cult film Amélie.

Described by Sweeping the Nation blog as "Left Bank baroque meets retro-futurist" they have been leaving an imprint around the country for fusing popular contemporary new-wave genres with classical chamber pop.

“How We Got Along After The Yarn Bomb” is the band’s debut EP and was released on indie label Team Strike Force! in August this year. The girls celebrated it’s release with a vortex of concerts around the country including sets accompanied by 12 piece A Little Orchestra - an orchestra led by Monster Bobby, founder of The Pipettes.

They also made an appearance at Indietracks Festival along with anti-folk hero Jeffery Lewis where a Drowned in Sound review made claim that they were "undoubtedly the least predictable band DiS has witnessed in many a month".

Shortly afterwards they flew to foreign shores for Stockholm’s Cosy Den Festival 2011 to play a show alongside John Peel championed Bearsuit.


How We Got Along After the Yarn Bomb EP (August 2011)
Released by Team Strike Force!

Set List

Rustic Sense of Migration
I Can Spin Just As Well As Any Silkworm
Secret Forever
ll: Lonesome George (Or Well There's No-one Like) :ll
Sounds Like There's a Pacman Crunching Away At Your Heart
Vowels As Clear As Church Bells