Hail of Ember

Hail of Ember

 Lake Mary, Florida, USA

Not the same sound you hear from every metal band, besides it being aggressive we have more melodic and structure instead of nothing but breakdowns, we make sure we keep everything we do different from everyone, all though young we have the heart and the passion to make music and go crazy at shows.


The story behind this band is interesting, all of us dedicated to music and will do anything to make it big, all of us knowing this is what we want to do makes us strong, we have scheduled practices and never miss them, we stay sharp but also have fun on stage, although young we have the hearts of men and we will give it all we got, all members are going threw hard times and some in deep poverty, but still push hoping to reach are goal, to show the world a new side of metal. Not just aggressive angry violent metal that bands give off, we go for melodic meaningful smooth but sometimes intense but different sound.

Set List

Set list usually goes
The forgotten
Within Closed Walls
Depths of Solitude
Luminescence Enveloped